Sunday, June 15, 2003

Nice job, Oran

TO THE Oran Eagles: Congratulations! You did great.

Let's hear the truth

I KNOW for a fact that there have been indiscretions committed by a person very well known in the local sports community, yet you have published nothing about it. What does it take? Are you refusing to investigate serious allegations, or is this a sign of favoritism in our local media?

There often are news tips reported to us that we do look into. However, unless some type of action is taken legally or professionally by the parties involved, it's our policy to avoid publishing unfounded claims against individuals. That's considered libel.

He didn't mean it

SAMMY SOSA didn't mean to use a corked bat in the same way that Pete Rose didn't mean to bet on baseball games. It was purely accidental, of course.

No turns involved

I REALIZE drag racing isn't as popular as NASCAR, but there are still a lot of us out there who'd like to see NHRA results in the paper and on TV.

An exciting start

WHAT A great streak by the Capahas. It's always nice to see Jess Bolen and the team getting off to such a great start. Let's hope it leads to a great finish at the NBC World Series, too.

Bring on the legends

WE'VE HAD two sports legends stop in Cape the past couple of weeks with Ozzie Smith first, then Ray Guy in the past week. Maybe this will show business owners that bringing well-known sports people to the area to sign autographs and become involved with the community can pay off all the way around. Thanks to those who have helped make that happen.

Sosa did his damage

SAMMY SOSA has left his mark on baseball, whether he meant to use a corked bat or not. The league should have kept his suspension at eight games and made an example out of him. Now they should take the next step and ban the use of corked bats during practice.

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