Letter to the Editor

Efforts continue for pro-life bills

To the editor:

In response to the letter "Lawmakers to tackle abortion measures": Senate President Pro Tem Mike Gibbons made a statement that misrepresented Missouri Right to Life's position on pro-life legislation that was proceeding through the legislative process in the last legislative session. Infighting among pro-life organizations did not cause the failure of any pro-life bills. As a matter of fact, all pro-life organizations, pro-family organizations and most faith-based denominations supported Senate Bill 2 as it left the Senate and faced the House Children and Families Committee.

The governor, Senate leadership and House leadership, however, gutted pro-life language that would have saved many lives. The abandonment of pro-life language apparently appeased proponents of pro-embryo stem-cell research and pro-human cloning institutions that want to profit from marketing human embryos for research.

As we enter the special legislative session, we look forward to passage of the three pro-life issues that have been designated by the governor to be addressed by the Missouri Legislature. These issues would protect women, protect parental rights and save many lives. As a recent survey demonstrates, Missourians overwhelmingly support a ban on human cloning. We look forward to passing a ban on human embryo research and cloning in the next regular session, where there will be few limits to pro-life legislation.

PAM FICHTER, President, Missouri Right to Life, Jefferson City, Mo.