Letter to the Editor

Be prepared for no assistance

To the editor:

It is hard for me to believe that my government was not ready for this. Officials knew the hurricane was coming. There should have been shelters, food and a mobile hospital set up right after the hurricane was over. The sick and the children should have been helped first.

More troops should have been there ready to go in to stop the looting and any person trying to take over.

The towns and cities should not have to ask for assistance. That is just crazy. It should have all been ready to go.

People will look at all this and will remember this when the big earth quake comes here. Places like St. Louis will be on their own until the government gets off its rear and says, "Well, I guess we had better do something now."

People had better get ready now for the big one, because we will not get help.

I am so ashamed of our government over what these people are going through. It makes me sick.