Letter to the Editor

One nation, one person, one dollar

Saturday, September 3, 2005

To the editor:

It's difficult to express the emotion of the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina into a short e-mail. It's even harder to try to adequately explain a cooperative program I propose every Alabama newspaper undertake to help Katrina's victims. I'll try.

We at the Fort Payne Times-Journal have organized a method of collecting money for the Red Cross, and I urge you to join us. My hope is to go nationwide by next weekend.

At every high school football game in DeKalb County Friday night, we'll have an announcement of our fund-raising effort followed by moment of silence just prior to the national anthem. Then, in the style of every church collection, we'll pass buckets up and down every row of spectators. These will be manned by Key Club and Student Council members.

We'll ask every person in attendance to put in one dollar. Certainly many will contribute more, but our theme is "One nation, one person, one dollar." More than 500,000 will attend high school football games in Alabama this weekend. Another 170,000 will be at Alabama and Auburn games this weekend and next.

Imagine the impact if DeKalb County can set an example for Alabama this weekend, and Alabama can lead the nation next weekend. It's entirely possible to collect $250 million. DeKalb County has set a goal of $150,000 in donations through all our efforts by Sept. 11. Let's think bigger than this disaster already is.

BEN SHURETT, Publisher, The Times-Journal, Fort Payne, Ala.