Missouri Southern Healthcare signs new emergency room contract

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Business Today

DEXTER -- More than 1,000 patients a month enter the doors of the Missouri Southern Healthcare (MSH) Emergency Room in Dexter. Those patients are seeing new staff.

A new management team, EDCare, has been hired to oversee the Emergency Room.

EDCare, which has overseen more than 100 rural, community and suburban hospital emergency departments, was selected by MSH and signed the contract in May.

"We are impressed with the hands-on approach used by EDCare," MSH CEO John Graves said. "Their founder and many of their top level management people are emergency physicians with decades of extensive experience. They understand the ED does not stand alone from the rest of the hospital, but rather is an integral part of our operation, and they are very active with the hospitals with whom they work."

EDCare has hired four new physicians: Alywin Kluttz, M.D., of Sikeston; internal medicine specialist Nabil Majid of Bloomfield; Cape Girardeau internist and pediatrician Michael Clippard of Dexter; and Luis Robles, M.D., who has published articles on ailments such as cancer, internal medicine and hypertension. He only physician carried over from the former administration.

The emergency department at MSH operates around the clock and uses the services of nearly 70 physicians specializing in emergency medicine, trauma, family practice, internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, cardiology and radiology.

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