Bankruptcies for June 2003

Sunday, June 15, 2003


Bankruptcies filed through June 10 for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeastern Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscott, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Adams, Dewey A. and Glenda M., Cape County, 10733

Adams, Kathleen A., Perry County, 10810

Anderson, Randy J. and Bridgette A., Dunklin County, 10811

Arnold, Keith E. and Linda R., Butler County, 10771

Babb, Cecil F., Scott County, 10754

Barnhill, James E. and Alison M., Cape County, 10737

Bedwell, Donna K. and Michael D., Scott County, 10735

Bell, Jennie L., Cape County, 10825

Bellew, Albert M. and Althea J., New Madrid County, 10775

Biesemeyer, Eugene O., Wayne County, 10671

Binns, Michael S. and Beverly L., Cape County, 10813

Bollinger, Christina, Stoddard County, 10715

Borgfield, Joyce, Cape County, 10812

Breeden, Sterlin A. and Rebecca, Stoddard County, 10823

Brittain, Jurl Jr. and Stacy D., Stoddard County, 10720

Brnat, Kenneth R. and Vicki A., Scott County, 10768

Burchard, Kevin D. and Laura L., Scott County, 10745

Burford, Kimberly E., Scott County, Scott County, 10770

Campbell, Kathy E., Cape County, 10689

Campbell, Virgil L. and Donna R., Butler County, 10674

Cantrell, Albert D., Bollinger County, 10809

Chandler, Jimmie J., Scott County, 10699

Cherry, Raymond R., Scott County, 10700

Coffman, Howard L. and Elizbeth J., New Madrid County, 10774

Collins, Darren K., Butler County, 10764

Collins, Tina A., Butler County, 10766

Condict, Robert N. and Krystal D., Stoddard County, 10712

Coonts, Anna, Cape County, 10759

Corlew, Lois A., Dunklin County, 10804

Davidson, Larry G., New Madrid County, 10751

Davis, Bonnie W., Cape County, 10732

Davis, Floyd and Barbara, New Madrid County, 10679

Davis, John C. and Stacy D., Scott County, 10818

Dement, Tonya R., Butler County, 10673

Dorman, Jason, Cape County, 10762

Douglas, Chris L. and Misty R., Bollinger County, 10726

Dunnahoo, Troy J., Madison County, 10793

Elder, Daniel R. and Laura L., Perry County, 10824

Eldridge, Terry W., Bollinger County, 10758

Emmons, Betty J., Cape County, 10767

Fitchett, Donald B. and Glinda S., Perry County, 10788

Franklin, Michael L. and Ruby B., Bollinger, 10708

Freeman, Sandra D., Stoddard County, 10696

Gabehart, Steven A., Carter County, 10747

Gilbo, Patsy L., Madison County, 10786

Gillham, Chad E. and Kelly J., Butler County, 10806

Gilliland, Christopher J., Cape County, 10725

Gilman, Dawn M., Cape County, 10682

Glenn, Debra S., Cape County, 10728

Glover, Rodney L. and Tommie J., Cape County, 10729

Graves, Timothy E. and DeOnna L., Bollinger County, 10815

Greer, Connie J., Cape County, 10730

Guard, Perry C., Cape County, 10742

Hamlyn, David H., Bollinger County, 10701

Hardin, Howard L. and Mary V., Stoddard County, 10808

Hepler, Scott L. and Wendy L., Stoddard County, 10706

Higgerson, Howard Jr. and Paula, New Madrid County, 10678

Hinkle, Dennis A. and Tina R., Cape County, 10703

Hobbs, Darrell W. and Janine L., Cape County, 10801

Hockersmith, Richard L. and Judy G., But;ler County, 10802

Hood, William A. and Ruth A., Stoddard County, 10780

Hosea, Claud and Betty L., Cape County, 10743

Howard, David, Scott County, 10776

Hulvey, Barbara S., Bollinger County, 10800

Hutchason, Rhonda L., Stoddard County, 10683

Jaggie, Tony D., Butler County, 10746

Jobe, Gregory P. and Katherine A., Scott County, 10688

Johnson, Brian N. and Angela M., Bollinger County, 10724

Johnson, Dustin W. and Amie S., Cape County, 10684

Jones, Bruce G. and Tonya M., Stoddard County, 10697

Jones, Darrell G. and Rhonda L., Stoddard County, 10719

Jones, Ronda K., Cape County, 10734

Keasling, Stanley R. and Terre L., Bollinger County, 10797

Kinder, Shawn C. and Natalie M., Scott County, 10736

Kirchhoff, Patrick W. and Lisa K., Cape County, 10819

Koch, Robert J. and Angela M., Cape County, 10783

Lane, John C. and Deborah A., New Madrid, 10748

Leutert, Steven A. and Mary C., Butler County, 10711

Lewis, Richard, New Madrid County, 10739

Lichtenegger, Katherine R., Cape County, 10727

Maddox, William D., Stoddard County, 10755

May, Sean, Cape County, 10718

McCauley, Tracy D., Scott County, 10820

McGuire, Wilma A., Stoddard County, 10686

Montgomery, Bryan E. and Judith A., Scott County, 10738

Moore, Rickey E. and Aretha, Scott County, 10723

Morgan, Richard, New Madrid County, 10677

Niccum, John E. and Norma J., Perry County, 10822

Pecaut, Andrea A., Cape County, 10687

Penrod, Betty L., New Madrid County, 10756

Perry, Daisy M., Butler County, 10803

Phillips, Leon and Amy, Scott County, 10760

Plunkett, Missy M., Cape County, 10816

Probus, Rex A. and Diana H., Cape County, 10698

Pullig, Otto R., Cape County, 10702

Rankins, Misty M., Cape County, 10740

Renfrow, Kevin, Cape County, 10750

Robertson, Edward R. and Mary L., Stoddard County, 10714

Ruehling, Daryl L. and Chasity L., Perry County, 10765

Russell, Ricky E., Cape County, 10693

Schmidtt, JoAnn, Cape County, 10731

Seabaugh, Adam R. and Pamela A., Cape County, 10705

Sidebottom, Richard A. and Connie L., Madison County, 10799

Stanley, David E. and Phyllis G., Scott County, 10694

Stevenson, Eugene T., Scott County, 10757

Sutton, Patricia J., Madison County, 10805

Tindell, Walter W. and Edna M., Stoddard County, 10807

Tucker, Jean A., Bollinger County, 10707

Ussery, Scott D. and Angela K., Cape County, 01821

VanDeven, Billy J. and Jaqueline M., Bollinger County, 10695

Waddell, Ruby M., Butler County, 10672

Waller, Thomas F. and Kay M., Perry County, 10790

Wamble, Michael A., Stoddard County, 10782

Ward, Brian J. and Vicki J., Madison County, 10692

Ward, Louie E. and Gay L., Cape County, 10680

Williams, Laura A., Cape County, 10675

Wollard, Mary L. and Harold F., Cape County, 10704

Worley, Glenn R. and Anna E., Butler County, 10744

Worthington, James F. and Mildred E., Scott County, 10753

Zeilenga, Brian J., Cape County, 10690

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