Letter to the Editor

JUDL asks city to honor agreement

Saturday, August 20, 2005

To the editor:

On behalf of the Jackson Underground Dodgeball League, I would like to express our appreciation for the recent article describing our removal and ban from the upper Jackson tennis courts. However, we do not feel that the story fully conveyed the situation.

We were promised a maximum of four days a year to hold tournaments on the upper courts by the Jackson Parks and Recreation Department. Both parties felt that asking for such a small amount of days was a fair compromise, as the alternative locations are simply not conducive to holding tournaments.

The board of aldermen made no attempt to inform us (or anyone) that this issue was to be brought up at the board meeting, therefore denying us an opportunity to plead our case and thoroughly explain our situation. The JUDL has held six tournaments in the past three years, each larger and more successful than the previous one, with minimal (if any) incident.

We are not solely responsible for the courts' past deterioration, as some in the community would like to blame us for. We have even contributed to the upkeep of the courts by mending the side fences and showing regard for the rules. We have always been respectful toward other users of the court, even if they did not return the sentiment.

From humble beginnings, we have created a social, recreational and positive activity that people of all different backgrounds can enjoy. We simply ask for what we were promised: a chance to earn respect.