Speak Out 8/11/05

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Test results

AS A would-be scientist, David Limbaugh is ignorant. The idea of intelligent design is not a scientific theory. It allows no testable predictions and is supported by no evidence besides faith. Evolutionary theory, meanwhile, leads to many testable predictions that have been supported by evidence. If intelligent design is subjected to any half-decent analysis in a scientific classroom, it will be destroyed for lack of evidence. Do those with faith really want this to happen?

Freedom of speech

IT'S INTERESTING that after we elect our public officials they are through with us and not willing to listen until the next election. Those of us who work with the poor and ill will be sure they hear us at the polls. We listened in history classes with disgust at the snobby nobility who said things like "Let them eat cake" as their subjects starved. Now we have the same level of uncaring snobs in our public officials. We're told not to bother important people with noise from the common people. Wouldn't Ben Franklin be proud of them all? This is what our men and women die for: freedom of speech.

Serving a need

KUDOS TO Cape Girardeau's mayor and others for pointing out in their letter to our legislators in Congress that the enormous federal subsidies we received would well serve local needs. Spending federal dollars for local concerns perfectly meshes with the definition of pork-barrel politics.

Political pressure

POLITICIANS ARE fully capable of reading about and understanding the scientific data about stem-cell research. They are also skilled at understanding the desires and wishes of powerful pressure groups that reflect or influence the views of their constituents.

Drive own vehicles

SURE, THE firefighters deserve a treat. They can go to lunch and get a soda, but they should drive their own vehicles. I have to drive my own vehicle.

Cremation savings

CREMATION IS a widely accepted way of disposing bodies and is utilized by rich and poor alike. I want to thank Jay Purcell, Cape Girardeau County commissioner, for watching our tax money like a hawk. That is what we elected him to do.

Respect for the law

REGARDING THE new police chief in Oran: Hallelujah! I hope he gets the job done. It's high time Oran residents realize they are no different than any little town around. Wearing seat belts and observing the speed limit are the law. People need to have respect for the law and for the chief.

Homeless shelter

THERE IS an old school building in south Cape Girardeau that could be used to house homeless men. A homeless shelter is needed. Perhaps an organization could develop a shelter and temporary employment could be found for these men during the day.

Deporting terror

I WAS just reading about Britain's deporting foreigners under their anti-terrorism measures. Tony Blair and Britain are on to something. I hope the U.S. will catch on.

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