Out of the past 8/9/05

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

25 years ago: Aug. 9, 1980

In an effort to expedite progress on the recently funded Magill Hall of Science addition, the Southeast Missouri State University Board of Regents holds a conference call special session yesterday to select an architectural firm for the project; the regents unanimously selected Mantel and Teter Architects Inc. of Kansas City, and Houser and Associates of Cape Girardeau.

Sides-Miller Men's store, which for 33 years was located on Broadway, has moved into a new building at 3 West Park Village, next to Gingham Square and Children's Bazaar.

50 years ago: Aug. 9, 1955

Preparing for the opening of school next month, the school board last night authorized the establishment of a second kindergarten in the Franklin School district; a contract with the Christian Church for use of its facilities for a kindergarten was approved.

Workers are wrecking the old First Christian Church at Sprigg and Themis streets; the church, which was built in 1893 by the Centenary Methodist congregation, was purchased by the Christian congregation in 1906; the building was recently purchased by William J. Kies of Riverside Lumber Co., and the brick and lumber from the church will be used as salvage.

75 years ago: Aug. 9, 1930

E.R. Trickey, taxicab driver in Cape Girardeau, wins the Democratic nomination for constable from this township over James A. Allen by a vote of 190 to 177, the official count of votes polled in Tuesday's primary election reveals.

Billy Hudson, the 12-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. S.O. Hudson of Burfordville, dies from injuries that result when he is dragged over the ground by a runaway team of horses; the youth had been assisting his father and neighbors haul water near their homes, when the team was frightened by a passing automobile and bolted.

100 years ago: Aug. 9, 1905

Several people with an observing eye noticed yesterday when the palatial steamer Cape Girardeau pulled in that something unusual happened to it; the large golden acorn at the top of one of the staffs at the front of the boat was missing.

The mayor and board of health issue an appeal to the people of Cape Girardeau through The Daily Republican to cut the weeds and clean their premises at once as a measure to prevent the fever, which is spreading throughout the South, from gaining a hold here.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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