Speak Out 8/9/05

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Lost a vote

BOY, IF anybody wants to commit a crime, just do it in Cape Girardeau County. You won't get charged for indecent exposure, illegal raffles or even killing someone with your vehicle. I will not be voting for this prosecutor again.

Call for help

THERE WAS a complaint in Speak Out about the bump in the road on Mount Auburn Road. The bump was fixed by the city before the complaint was printed. In some cases, the city doesn't know about a problem. The nuisance abatement department at the police department can't always know the grass is too tall on all 50,000-plus properties in Cape Girardeau. The nuisance department needs someone to call it in, even if it's city property. This department will have an officer look into the complaint within 24 hours, while it may take several days to get a complaint printed in Speak Out.

Pullout prediction

THIS IS about George Bush's timetable for pulling out of Iraq. We all know that in 2006 he'll be talking about pulling out. Why? Because of the congressional elections. That is what the timetable is all about. You wait and see if I'm not right.

Support for library

THE BENTON library is centrally located so it can serve nine public and private schools. It provides not only books for enjoyment, but also videos, audios and DVDs and is an excellent resource for all our students. The meeting room is an ideal place for tutoring and local group meetings. All Scott County residents should speak up. What would we do if we lost this valued establishment?

Taking the heat

YOUR EDITORIAL "Mending Medicaid," though well intended, did not address the real issues regarding caseworkers referring people to their state legislators. Caseworkers are not telling Medicaid clients to call their state legislators with their technical questions regarding changes in Missouri Medicaid. Caseworkers have always known and assumed their responsibility to try to explain technical eligibility questions to anyone needing clarification. Caseworkers are, however, referring individuals who have complaints about the new Medicaid eligibility requirements to their state legislators. Caseworkers should continue to refer individuals to their state legislator who questioned the moral, ethical and social justifications for the recent cuts. After all, the state caseworker didn't establish these new rules. The state legislature and the governor are responsible for the program changes, and they should be the ones, not caseworkers, who take the heat for it.

Callers lie, liars call

I'VE HEARD the saying that numbers lie and liars figure. Now I think that liars call and callers lie in Speak Out. I don't believe for one minute that a Cape Girardeau policeman almost rear-ended someone while talking on a cell phone. Cell phones are the new technology. Let's not call with this nonsense.

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