Letter to the Editor

Donations support MCEE centers

To the editor:

All of us are concerned about our children's futures. We are concerned that life for them will continue to improve and that their hopes and dreams will be accomplished. We know from the reality of our life experiences that hard choices will have to be made and that each of us will have to deal with difficult personal and societal economic decisions.

This letter is to join our voices together to endorse the work of the Missouri Council on Economic Education and its network of five centers of economic education on university campuses in Columbia, St. Louis, Kansas City, Warrensburg and Springfield. The MCEE network trains teachers from kindergarten through high school to bring economic and financial education into reading, writing, math and social studies. The MCEE network is the only organization in Missouri dedicated to teacher training, curricular innovation, testing and promotion statewide of economic and financial education.

Your tax-deductible donations to the MCEE and its centers are critical for an effective continuation of this work. For over 30 years this effort has been a partnership between state government, private donors and Missouri's educational institutions. A generous response from you now and in the future will help our young people make more informed economic and financial decisions, allowing them to take control of their lives more effectively.

MATT BLUNT, Governor

ROBIN CARNAHAN, Secretary of State

DAN MEHAN, President, Missouri Chamber of Commerce

HUGH McVEY, President, Missouri AFL-CIO Labor Council

Dr. KENT KING, Missouri Commissioner of Education

Jefferson City, Mo.