Everybody's a critic: 'Sky High'

Friday, August 5, 2005
A scene from 'Sky High'

Four stars (out of four)

On a scale from one to four, this movie is definitely a four plus. Since it has only been a few years since my own high school days, I could really identify with the story line. There are lot of similarities between Sky High and the one I attended here in Cape.

When you take away the issue of superpowers you have all the same problems facing every high school student entering as a freshman.

The daily battles between good and evil faced by the characters in the movie are the same ones faced each day in real-life high school. The storyline was cool and easy to follow. The surprise ending was really a plus. I strongly recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good, clean and funny movie. It is very entertaining and would be great for any parent to go see with their children.

-- Chris Bergfeld, food services

Four stars (out of four)

This movie definitely gets high marks from me. It was a great film and very entertaining. It is one of the few out there that does not contain violence, sex and foul language. It's nice to see that producers can still entertain us without those ingredients.

Having been a high school freshman and also the mother of two children, it is easy to believe the storyline. The daily battles between good and evil that the characters in the movie face are the same ones all of us face each day. Some of the little inside jokes unfortunately could only be enjoyed by some of us over the age of 30 and would have to be explained to the younger set.

I would recommend this movie to people of almost any age. "Sky High" is one of the few movies that can entertain the whole family.

-- Lin Bergfeld, sales

Four stars (out of four)

"Sky High" was adorably funny, with great entertainment for the whole family.

It shows us how important it is to let our children live up to their fullest potential. I believe we as a society limit children by not giving them the support and encouragement they need to do their best. We place labels and categorize them.

As seen in "Sky High," the gifts we are given by God may not be what the world perceives as the best, but as long as we use our gifts to the best of our ability and to honor him who gave them to us, we are all superheroes.

-- Jamie Crowell, teacher

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