Speak Out 8/5/05

Friday, August 5, 2005

On deaf ears

MONTHS AGO, Cape Girar-deau citizens were asked to give suggestions on things they would like to see done in the city. Our youngsters need a skate park. And have you noticed the crowding at Central Pool? Our seniors and visitors need city transportation. Was the city asking for suggestions just to pacify us? Nothing the citizens suggested has been considered.

Show compassion

AFTER READING "Dear Abby" about a daughter being stricken with mental illness, it brought back our sad memories in a similar situation. Please show compassion to the sick person and to the caregiver. Be friendly and please speak to them. It really hurts to have someone look at us and not speak.

Cutting county fat

THE CAPE Girardeau County Commission discussed cremating residents who die indigent rather than burying them in coffins, all to save a whopping $300 to $600 a year. Talk about saving a nickel to spend a dollar. The real cost savings analysis should be done in the huge cost overruns in the areas of the county jail and within the county commission itself. The commission staff receive salaries far above the county average, and the benefits are better than most local government jobs. There's bound to be more than $600 dollars found in those budgets. Start by cutting the fat there.

Drug busts

CONGRATULATIONS TO the Cape Girardeau Police Department on the drug busts on Hanover Street. Keep up the good work.

Humble pie

THE POLITICAL structure of our country cannot be described as winning or losing. Stop seeing it as a contest between Republicans and Democrats. Do you think the Democratic Party would exist if it didn't stand for something? Why don't Republicans tell us what your party stands for? Stop feeling that simply because your candidate won an election, you are now the infallible chosen ones. Politics isn't a football game, and you should stop acting like a gloating fan. There is a thing called humble pie. Take a slice for yourself.

Ode to TeAta

ONCE I was quiet without a sound till wonderful people saw this piece of ground. Hard work and sweat through light of day, they shaped me into a place for girls to play. As years came and went they slept out in their tent, roasting hot dogs by the fire, singing songs and talking about their desire. I watched them learn trail signs. Nature was all that was on their minds. No fast cars, loud music or school. Just quiet peace of this place was cool, wonderful Scouts and friends. Our time must end. My silence once more has been broken, the tap, tap, tapping of a "For Sale" sign as my token. But I will never die 'cause in a Girl Scout's heart I'll always lie. Thanks to all the little Girl Scouts for all the wonderful years. Camp TeAta.

Deserve a treat

FIREMEN SAVE people's lives. They should be able to go out while they are on duty to get lunch or a soda. They work hard and deserve to go out for a treat while they're on duty.

Feel-good program

OUR GOVERNMENT and our news media have convinced many of us that issuing driver's licenses with validation of identity is an important step toward eliminating terrorists. Logic and common sense might tell us this is a feel-good program. Did the 9-11 terrorists have driver's licenses? Did the Oklahoma City bombers have them? A driver's license is going to make little or no difference when someone decides to plant a bomb.

Crackdown on drugs

THANK YOU, Scott City Police Chief Don Cobb, for cleaning our town up by putting a stop to all the drug use and drug selling in our town. It's time these drug dealers have to go to work, make an honest living, pay taxes and obey the law like the rest of us.

Bipartisan whining

THE DEMOCRATS are quite aware that we lost the election. Republicans whined about Bill Clinton. But when Clinton was president we had plenty of good jobs, and we certainly did not have an unnecessary war.

Safe motoring

SOME PEOPLE are simply irresponsible drivers. For many years people have drive cars responsibly and managed to operate various gadgets while doing so. How is it that a police officer is able to operate his car during a high-speed pursuit while using the radio, lights and siren without a high rate of incident? It's the training. People are usually in a hurry to get where they are going and couldn't care less about you, me and the other guy. I don't want my right to use my cell phone taken away because of some careless motorists who don't take the privilege of driving a car seriously.

Workshop benefits

I THINK the new Medicaid rules that take medical benefits from people who are working sheltered workshops are incredibly cruel. There are 8,000 people working in sheltered workshops. My son works in workshop. He does a whole lot better if he goes out to work and sees people and does a little bit of something productive. He's not able to do anything else. If they take away his Medicaid benefits, he won't be able to stay in the workshop. We don't have an extra $30,000 a year to help him out. I think this is shortsighted. To pick on somebody who's making $2 an hour and has legitimate medical problems is absolutely vicious.

Support for police

I commend the Cape Girardeau Police Department. Now we all need to stand beside the police in their efforts to rid Cape of drug dealers who prey on our children and ruin our peaceful neighborhoods.

Heartless idea

I CANNOT believe that Cape Girardeau County commissioner Jay Purcell would recommend cremation and no coffin for poor people. They are human beings who fell on hard times. Thank God for our presiding commissioner, Gerald Jones, who has a heart and cares for human beings.

More bubble wrap

IN RESPONSE to the "No bubble wrap" comment: Bubble wrap is one of the greatest American inventions. It allows packages to be shipped worldwide without having to worry about things being broken. And it's fun to pop the bubbles.

Can't fool Mother Nature

I CAN'T believe all this hassle about changing the daylight-saving time. Does anyone really think that's going to make any difference in what time the sun comes up and when it goes down?

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