Speak Out 8/3/05

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Handicapped motorists

I AGREE that there are too few handicapped parking spaces and that some motorists use the handicapped hang tags and license plates indiscriminately.

Use it sometimes

I HAVE good days and some not so good. On good days I park elsewhere so others may park in the handicapped spaces. Next time I may need it. I'm a candidate for knee replacement. Though I do not have a permanent disability or use a wheelchair, I will use a handicapped space when I must. I'm sure if someone sees me parking there they might think I need to park elsewhere, but they don't know how much pain I may have walking. Wrongful use needs to stop though.

Smell the bacon?

I THINK all Southeast Missourians should thank our legislators in Congress for bringing in a prolific, perhaps unprecedented, amount of good pork.

TV exposure

DAVID LIMBAUGH expressed delight that the Senate confirmation hearings concerning Judge John Roberts will be televised. He said it will allow all to see the extremists in the Senate. That's exactly the reason I wish Limbaugh had his own TV show.

Movie economics

OVER THE last couple of weeks there have been numerous comments concerning the lack of money in the community or what little money the community does have being directed towards unfavorable projects. But when the possibility of "Killshot" being shot here comes up, it's labeled by many as an inconvenience. This movie project has the potential to bring in anywhere from $1 million to $40 million to our city, creating hundreds of jobs that many talented and dedicated people in our community are dying to sink their teeth into. This doesn't even begin to take into account the tourism aspect. There is a reason that the Missouri Department of Economic Development tries so hard to get these major movies shot here. I guess the next time our community is divided on money spent on sidewalks, we can console ourselves with the fact that more American money was well spent in Canada simply because we couldn't be inconvenienced.


WITH ALL this talk about a need for comprehensive sex education, one wonders how pre-literate man ever survived and propagated the species.

Melting pot

IN A perfect world, controls on driver's licenses would not be necessary. But we don't live in a perfect world. It's either tighten laws on all or let anyone do whatever. Whine all you want, but I am tired of my homeland being torn apart by those who have no right being here, those who have no desire to become a part of us and who seek to destroy us. Either we are a melting pot or we aren't. If we are, then those who pledge to be a part must become one of us. If they don't, they should have to leave without taking part of us with them. You can either whine about things getting tougher, or you can whine because those who come to destroy had total and complete freedom with your approval.

Bacon squeal

I AM so proud of our representatives in Congress for bringing home so much bacon I could squeal. In fact, I think I will. Oink!

How to spend it

THIS IS a first. We're getting such a huge subsidy from Washington we don't even know how to spend it all.

Document hassle

I WAS born in a hospital, but the birth, for whatever reason, was not recorded. I'm 60 years old. I was born near the end of the war. I don't know whether that makes any difference or not. I had to have six people testify that they'd known me from birth before I could get a birth certificate and take my driver's test. Let's not start bashing senior citizens. Remember, if you live long enough, you will be one too.

Pro-life support

U.S. SEN. Bill Frist proves that he is not pro-life by advocating federally funded stem-cell research. Can we depend upon Frist to support good judges like Judge John Roberts? I urge Missouri's senators, Jim Talent and Kit Bond, to begin a movement to replace Frist with a real pro-life majority leader.

Hybrid SUV

THE PERSON who was "amused" by the Ford Hybrid Escape review didn't read the article very well. The column's first three paragraphs explained in great detail that hybrid technology is old science that can be used for many different purposes. In the case of the Escape Hybrid, it is used to improve the gas mileage and tailpipe emissions of the country's most popular SUV. Yes, Toyota and Honda make good hybrids, but they don't make SUV hybrids. The Escape is a unique vehicle, with good ground clearance, available all-wheel-drive and the ability to go places and do things that the Honda and Toyota hybrids can't. It's the world's cleanest, most fuel efficient SUV. Honda and Toyota have nothing to compete with it. I enjoyed Steve Robertson's column very much and thought it was well-written.

Still waiting

REPUBLICANS won the election. I have been wondering what all the confusion is. Weren't they going to stop abortion? I keep waiting. I guess we will hear about it in three more years. We have to take care of the children.

Brand offenders

I'VE HAD it with people who feel labeling sex offenders is a violation of some human right. In my opinion, sex offenders gave up their rights to lead a normal life when they ruined the life of the child, woman, man or elderly person they assaulted. After my grandmother was raped and brutally murdered by a registered sex offender who had moved into a rented house next door, it was obvious to me and everyone else that we're not doing enough. I say brand an X on their foreheads so everyone knows the danger they, their young children and family are in. The only right sex offenders deserve is to be tried and convicted and to stand for judgment upon death.

Hard-won privileges

OUR TROOPS for generations have fought to protect our God-given rights and privileges, which now we are losing every day. How soon we forget.

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