Letter to the Editor

Appreciation from The Bridge

To the editor:

I am so thankful to the Southeast Missourian, and in particular Scott Moyers, for the positive articles written about cooperative ministry going on in south Cape Girardeau with New Bethel Baptist Church and La Croix United Methodist Church. We have had people from the community calling and asking how they can help and get involved because of the exposure The Bridge has received. Truly, thank you so very much.

We also want everyone to know that both the ministry and the remodeling work have been cooperative efforts. Many of New Bethel's members have been applying their carpentry skills to renovate The Bridge as well as La Croix members. In fact, in less than one month, over 70 people from various churches have helped with the renovation. Our hope is that The Bridge is a place for volunteers from any and all churches to be involved, because the ministry there is as much about finding new relationships and friends across racial, cultural and denominational boundaries as it is about the programs themselves.

Once again, thank you for the excellent article and editorial.

ROB MEHNER, Spiritual Formation Pastor, La Croix United Methodist Church, Cape Girardeau