Speak Out 8/1/05

Monday, August 1, 2005

Labeling offenders

UNFORTUNATELY, SOME sex offenders turn into murderers. Our system goes too far by labeling people, and sometimes we miss the real sickos. I don't know what the answer is, but it does require thinking in this day and age.

More daylight

THE WINTER months are depressing and dreary enough, not to mention dark. Any law change that would increase the length of daylight is fine by me.

No bubble wrap

THIS IS a message to anybody who is involved in manufacturing. I hate bubble-wrap packages that everything seems to be packed in. I would rather buy something in a box.

Christian precepts

"OH ETERNAL and everlasting God, I presume to present myself this morning before thy Divine Majesty, daily framing more and more into the likeness of thy, son, Jesus Christ." That is from George Washington's "A prayer for guidance." which was taken from his prayer journal at Mount Vernon. Benjamin Franklin said, "Only virtuous people can keep liberty and freedom alive." The majority of our Founding Fathers were Christians and followed Christian principles. The supposed separation between church and state comes from something Thomas Jefferson said about separation between God and state. I doubt that Abigail Adams ever thought the government should promote abortion.

Unchecked borders

I WAS reading about the mess with people getting their driver's license renewed. It's a funny thing that the government goes to all this trouble in the name of homeland security, yet people are coming over our borders in droves. Who knows what kind of people some of them are.

Abusing a privilege

I AGREE with the changes related to receiving or renewing a handicapped plate or tag. It would appear that too many vehicles have the tags, although a large number of able-bodied-appearing individuals emerge from many of these autos. I know many individuals need these parking spaces due to various health problems. My late husband was one of these. After his death, I could have continued renewing the hang tag for my own convenience indefinitely, which I chose not to do. I currently have a temporary tag due to severe back pain. A close parking spot is the only way I can visit a store. Another source of abuse are individuals who use another family member's tag who is not even in the car. I don't know how to stop this, but you know who you are, and shame on you. The truly handicapped deserve and need those parking spots.

Safety first

I AGREE that disbanding auto inspections in Missouri would be a disaster. Had it not been for a thorough inspection some years ago, my husband would have had a serious accident while driving. Part of the drive train was faulty. It was detected through an inspection. I want to know that our vehicles are as safe as can be.

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