Letter to the Editor

Closing statehouse bureau lamented

Monday, August 1, 2005

To the editor;

The readers of the Southeast Missourian and the other newspapers in the Rust newspaper chain will lose an important resource when Rust Communications closes its bureau at the state Capitol. This is a time when the people of Missouri need to be better served by their newspapers, not deprived of insightful state government reporting. In a period of political change at the Capitol when government philosophy is being altered by a new majority which has different views of government's constituency, readers of the newspapers published by Rust Communications will be poorly served by this decision. Strong and incisive reporting of government at all levels should be an indispensable part of any newspaper that truly wants to serve its readers. This is a time when state government needs more eyes watching it, not fewer. This is a time when efforts should be increased to explain to the public the changes that are being made in our state government.

The Southeast Missourian has had outstanding reporters at the Capitol, serving its readers with solid information about important political campaigns, about the activities of their lawmakers and elected officials, and about how the work of state employees -- elected and otherwise -- affects their lives. The Southeast Missourian is doing a disservice to its readers by closing its Missouri Capitol bureau. I hope your readers will miss the excellent reporting they have had and will let their feelings be known.

BOB PRIDDY, News Director, The Missourinet, Jefferson City, Mo.