Sunday, June 8, 2003

Sosa sets bad example

ONE OF the most popular and celebrated baseball players blew his cork, so to speak. A lot of young people look up to these baseball players and other athletes and hope they will be like them someday. Well, just put a lid on that. I hope some of these people realize that they should be checking some of these other athletes' bats, too.

Check Barry's bat, too

IF THEY need to check somebody's bats for cork, it would be Barry Bonds'. I think Sammy Sosa had that one only for batting practice because nothing else showed up on him.

A good draft notice

IT MAKES me glad to see -- even though I am a Murray State graduate -- that Zach Borowiak was picked on the first day of the draft.

Get cork out of practice

IF CORKED bats or tampered bats are not allowed in baseball games, then maybe they shouldn't be permitted in batting practice.

Make Sosa pay

I BELIEVE Sammy Sosa's explanation for using a corked bat. But should he be suspended? He should, because if he can get by with it, everybody thinks they can get by with it too.

Explanation didn't work

IN REGARDS to the tests, no, we don't believe Sammy Sosa's explanation, and yes, he should be suspended.

Hagin's calls aren't bad

I GET a kick out of KZIM's Erik Sean dissing Cardinals' broadcaster Wayne Hagin's home-run calls every chance he gets. For most mini-market sports reporters like Sean looking for a "signature," they think the radio call has to be greater than the play itself. "Get up, baby. Get up, get up, get up" and get off his back. I think his play by play is relaxed and refreshing. And for me, "that's a winner!"

Sosa mess was avoidable

SAMMY SOSA is a professional baseball player. That bat should not even be in the ballpark or in his possession, period. Why practice with a corked bat when you can't even use it? That's like him using an aluminum bat that's illegal.

Congratulations, Eagles

TO ALL the Oran baseball players: You've a had a great year, and I would like to congratulate you on a job well done. Don't hang your heads about second place. Oran couldn't be more proud of you.

76 is more than plenty

I CAN'T understand why in the world any baseball player needs 76 bats. That's ridiculous.

Lewer was deserving, too

THANK YOU for giving Nathan Lewer recognition for his great accomplishment at the state meet. We felt bad that he won a state title and it got overshadowed by Loren. Nathan sat with our family all day on Friday because he didn't compete until Saturday. He seems to be a very good kid. Again, thanks for all the great coverage you give track, and thanks for acknowledging Nathan. It meant a lot to Loren, and I'm sure it meant a lot to Nathan.

Worthy of a hall spot

THERE WERE many, many individuals who were outstanding athletes during their tenure at Central High School. If the booster club has decided to drop the ball on the choosing of athletes for induction into CHS's Athletic Hall of Fame, then some other group must carry on what has become a wonderful tradition. The logical group would be made up of Central High School personnel.

Multiplier was no factor

I JUST thought you might find it interesting that, despite a state multiplier, all of Notre Dame's team sports brought home at least a district trophy. Beginning with the cheerleading squad, Notre Dame's athletes didn't back down. The softball team and volleyball team took district titles. The cheerleading squad took fifth in the state. Several other teams played at the state level. The boys' soccer team brought home a state title, the girls' basketball team brought home second place state, the girls' soccer team just captured second place, and the boys' baseball team upset the first-place team. How's that for stepping up to a challenge?

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