Speak Out 7/28/05

Thursday, July 28, 2005

All for sports

THE CENTRAL High School Tigers need their own football field to establish their own identity. I can think of no better way to spend public school funds. Such extracurricular activities like sports are the reason for a school's existence.

Basic needs first

I WOULD like to know when the Cape Girardeau School District is going to give the teachers the raise they deserve. Students need textbooks they are allowed to take home and chairs that don't pinch their behind every time they sit down. Supplies for classrooms would be nice too, so teachers wouldn't have to buy them with their own money. Let's find out where the biggest impact would be made before we build a stadium.

Different priorities

I READ that the Cape Girardeau School District in its long-range plan is considering asking for a bond issue to build a new elementary school, a football stadium, an auditorium-theater and additional classes for the high school. I have several problems with this. The district opened the new high school in 2002 and the next year was in dire financial trouble, which caused the district to lay off employees, cut programs, charge students for participating in extracurricular activities and freeze salaries. Now things seem to be much better because they gave the new superintendent a hefty raise before he has even proven that he will be an effective leader. Why does the new high school need additional classrooms? Did someone not plan properly? If the high school gets a new stadium and auditorium, will the district again be whining about financial problems and cutting programs and staff? I think that the priorities should be improving dropout rates and student achievement, developing a plan to have more consistency with discipline issues, getting parents more involved and improving student and employee morale.

Tougher inspections

STOP AUTO inspections? As soon as Missouri does that, we'd have all the oil -burning, smoke-throwing cars held together by duct tape driving around until they fell apart. If anything, our state inspections on cars need to be much tougher.

Not necessary

I CAN'T see why on earth we need a new high school football stadium in Cape Girardeau. Southeast Missouri State University only plays four home football games a year on Houck Stadium's beautiful artificial turf field. Spend another million? Duh.

Dying by the sword

PICK ME. Pick me. I did it. I did it. Sound like a bunch of kids? That is how these groups that bombed the resorts in Egypt sound. They all want to take credit for killing innocent people. That sounds like a real good bunch to be part of. When you live by the sword, you'll die by the sword.

Focus on education

I AM a teacher in the Cape Girardeau School District and a parent of a child in school, and I was appalled at the article "Cape schools to consider stadium and auditorium." As a teacher, I know first-hand that we have limited funds for training. We have no science books. We have limited math books. We have desks and chairs that are in desperate need of replacement. Our teachers only receive $40 a year for their supplies for the entire class. We have lost our dental and life insurance. Our salary is low compared to other districts. I personally will not vote for a bond issue until the agenda of the district is focused on education.

Seeking forgiveness

I WAS using the restroom at a store, and there was a terrible smell. It was so bad I had to leave. I told another woman in the restroom that she needed to flush. I now believe she may have been in trouble, but I never offered to help. I am so sorry that I didn't ask her if she needed help. I hope she sees this and sees my apology for not offering to help her. I hope she forgives me.

Clean the sidewalk

IN FRONT of La Croix United Methodist Church on Lexington Avenue dirt has been splashed up on the sidewalk. It's been this way for a week. Lexington is a very visible street. Why hasn't the city sent somebody out to clean the sidewalk? It would be impossible to walk on it with all the mud and straw on it.

Making comparisons

THANK YOU for printing Cal Thomas' July 22 column. Every American should read that. Thomas has certainly told the truth about the situation in the world today. We are so naive and idealistic and can't believe that Muslims are truly out to do away with western civilization and make the entire world Muslim. If you even express such an opinion, people believe you are so prejudiced. They can't seem to see the prejudice and bitterness of the Muslim religion. Thomas' comparison of Americans before World War II is so accurate.

Aid for Africa

I WILL sadly have to criticize my own Republican Party. President Bush and columnist Walter Williams are saying that we won't give more to Africa due to the corrupt governments. What about Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and all the other countries we provide aid to that have corrupt leadership? We are the wealthiest nation in the world, yet we give less than all the other countries. We're the most powerful, resourceful nation in existence. You can't tell me that we can't get rice into the mouths of starving children. I guess we'd rather stay in our wealthy homes, drive our expensive vehicles, stay at home and try to make critical decisions like whether or not to take our kids to get the new Harry Potter book or see the new chocolate factory movie. It's disgusting.

Wasting our money

I'VE BEEN reading about the state having $17 million invested in computers that can't be used. I cannot imagine the mentality of the people involved in this. There is no point in spending money on something you can't use. This is taxpayer money. The state is always crying about not having enough to spend. Then you see how the state is wasting our money. I think we need to get somebody on the ball and start using some common sense.

Independent audit

AS A taxpayer of Cape Girardeau County, I have no confidence in the recent audit done by Weldon Macke regarding the clerk that is being charged with stealing from the prosecuting attorney's office. I firmly believe we need to hire an independent auditor who is in no way associated with Cape Girardeau County so we can find out where that money went. The taxpayers deserve to know.

Founders' religion

THE RECENT comment concerning "Theocracy ahead" used the examples of the deistic Founding Fathers. At the Constitutional Convention, 52 of the 55 signers were from a Christian theistic worldview, including James Madison and George Washington. It is a mischaracterization of history to say that our founders were atheists.

Good requirements

THE NEW requirements for getting a driver's license are good. Would you rather get a birth certificate for $12 or pay with your life for a terrorist getting through loopholes? Everyone needs to be checked out thoroughly.

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