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Sunday, June 8, 2003

Progressive downtown

I HAVE a response to Scott Moyers' column in the Business section. Apparently, Moyers does not understand that a cluster of antique shops in a central area draws visitors to the city. Stillwater, Minn., is an outstanding example of a vibrant, downtown area which has antique shops and restaurants to make it a destination city. It is also on the St. Croix River, which would be similar to Cape Girardeau. Let Cape do likewise. Promotion by Moyers together with the Convention and Visitors Bureau may help fill the vacant downtown buildings. Let's be a progressive city.

No carpetbaggers

NOW'S THE chance to let the mayor run the city. Why do we have to pay for a carpetbagger to come in and tell us what how to run our city.

Strong leadership

PRESIDENT BUSH is making great progress in his war on terrorism. He kept his promise after the 2001 terrorist attack on America to wage and win the war on terrorism. It's ongoing, and Bush's determination is an inspiration to all of us who love peace and harmony. America is so blessed to have a strong leader in our time of turmoil.

Asking for a raise

IF I made $50,000 a year and spent $60,000 that same year, I would probably be fired if I demanded a $10,000 raise to cover my overspending. That is what Bob Holden is demanding of us. He and his fellow Democrats, who have controlled state government up until this year, have spent more money than they have coming in. The taxpayers need to fire these guys come election time.

Paying taxes

I WONDER when people are going to realize that the tax cut is for people who pay taxes.

Getting back taxes

I'D LIKE to set the record straight about Robin Hood. He did not rob from the rich to give to the poor. He robbed the tax money that they had taken away from the poor people and gave them back their taxes. He did not rob the rich.

Safer for trucks

TO THE person who thinks big trucks ought to stay out of the left lane: If the trucks got in the left lane more often like they do, there would be less chance of an accident. People in little cars like to get in our way and block traffic.

Interest on late refunds?

It's interesting that whenever the state owes us money, it can't seem to get it back to us. But whenever we owe the state money, we have to have it in on time. At what point does the state, if they don't get our refunds to us, do have to pay interest on what it owes us?

Speeding on Sprigg

I HAVE a child who goes to Blanchard Elementary School on Sprigg Street. I've noticed throughout the year, especially between 2 and 3:30 p.m., that nobody abides by the speed limit. I'm just wondering if there can be some enforcement. I'm getting tired of being tailgated as I'm driving down the street. How about putting a police officer out there? That might help solve the problem.

Harsh politics

DEMOCRAT GOVERNORS in Missouri and Illinois and others are flexing their power to try to offset their party losses across the country and in Washington. The Democratic Party strategy now is to stall, block and veto. But the voters will take care of those harsh play tactics at the next election.

Safety alert

When the state legislature is in session, no man's life or property is safe.

Fighting for freedom

I AM disturbed by so many well-meaning Christians who say the war in Iraq is uncalled for. You need to wake up and realize where your freedom and liberties come from. Our troops fight for our peace and freedom and to keep the terrorists out of our country.

What about Hillary?

I WANT to comment about Martha Stewart. Everybody's clapping because she's been indicted, and I think she is guilty. Hillary Clinton was involved in the same thing. She put $1,000 into cattle futures and made $100,000 in one day. How come Hillary Clinton didn't go to jail for insider trading? This shows why I have no respect for the law. Some well-connected people, get by. Others don't.

Losing a professional

THE CITY council and mayor's decision to fire the city manager occurred the same week when this council and mayor basked in the groundbreaking of the River Campus. The mayor also said a highlight of his tenure was the renovation of the Marquette Hotel. Without Mike Miller as city manager, the River Campus and Marquette would not be a reality today. Cape Girardeau has lost an experienced professional to a council and mayor who've been in office only a year.

Refund the refund

SOME DEMOCRATS are whining about their tax refund. They should just give it back and stop griping.

Study hall is a class

I'M A little amazed at this debate about study hall and the justification the teacher from Cape Girardeau gives for not letting kids take study hall. Her point is that only 30 percent of kids use it for what they're supposed to. I teach study hall, and my students often don't want to work. That's part of my job: to make sure they are working just like in my regular classes. Study hall is a class. Why is it the school's choice to decide who does and doesn't get in?

Not the brightest bulb

IT'S HARD for me to understand why any wage earner would be against a tax cut. Anyone who is against more take-home pay can't be the brightest bulb in the set.

Responsible proposal

ONLY UNDESERVED corporate tax loopholes would be closed and sin taxes raised under Gov. Bob Holden's responsible proposal, one Republicans seem not to want to allow the voters to decide. Thus, the assistant professor at SEMO who claimed a tax increase would take more money out of his pocket must smoke like a chimney and can't say no to casinos.

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