Letter to the Editor

Plan to raze house is shocking news

Sunday, July 24, 2005

To the editor:

I was shocked to read about the razing of the home at 828 North St. owned by Southeast Missouri State University. I was a student in a historic preservation class last semester. During my research of architect L.B. Blackwood, I discovered that he had planned this home for Professor H.S. Moore as well as many other buildings in Cape Girardeau. The house was built between June 1909 and June 1910, according to local property tax records. While researching his buildings at the county archives last spring, I couldn't wait to drive back to Cape Girardeau to see if the building was still standing, as the archivists were careful not to get my hopes up. They said, "I am sure it's been turned into a parking lot by now." When I arrived on campus and saw the beautiful structure intact, I was overjoyed. I quickly called the archivists to let them know, but I guess they turned out to be right after all.