Speak Out 7/23/05

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Prompt response

THANK YOU, Delta volunteer firemen. At a recent fire in Chaffee, there were no Chaffee firemen available to respond, and the Delta firemen were prompt to answer the call.

Motoring safety

IT'S GLOOMY, it's rainy and it's 7:38 a.m. I'm on the Hubble Creek bypass in Jackson. I just passed a sheriff's patrol car with no headlights on. The police department should set the example. Is having your headlights on during rain for safety just a recommendation, or is it a new law? The police department needs to get a marquee for rainy days saying, "Turn your headlights on" and put it on a busy corner. Having your headlights on is for other car motorists to see you. And please turn your headlights on in the morning and in evening and keep them on until the sun is overhead and not directly in your eyes. Save a life.

Thanks for warning

AS WE were driving to go shopping, a young man flagged us down. He told us we had a front tire that was flat. We thanked him, parked and used our pump to air up the tire. Later, we took the tire to a station for checkup and found we had picked up a screw. Thanks to the young man for his kindness. We are very grateful.

Ban assault weapons

I'M WATCHING the news about the National Rifle Association pulling out because Columbus, Ohio, has passed an assault-rifle ban. If you watch the news any day of the week, you can see what assault rifles can do. They can pierce body armor on policemen from a mile away. A man on TV said that the United States is the easiest country in which to buy guns and ship them overseas. I applaud the city of Columbus, and I hope other cities will follow suit. Assault weapons should be closely monitored.

Thanks for new dock

I WANT to thank whoever was responsible for getting our new dock in at Red Star public access. It sure is good.

Better than welfare

IN RESPONSE to the person who asked if it is financially responsible for a widow in her 30s with three young children to draw Social Security for 13 to 15 years: I would much rather they draw Social Security than provide welfare for family deserted by the father.

God and country

I AM a little disappointed in President Bush's pick for the Supreme Court. I was hoping for a harder line conservative who could help bring American back to where it belongs. We can yell and scream all we want, but unless you're a liberal hate group, your voice will not be heard. We won the White House, and the press played down the fact that people want to get back to God and country.

Costing lives

REGARDING THE Vietnam veteran who wants the government to allow the troops to do their job: I agree with the premise. However, I think it's very important to consider the restrictions that the American population, legal system and press has placed on the government leaders and, in turn, the troops. Through whining and moaning about "civil rights" for enemy combatants and the press coverage of every move of the U.S. soldiers in relation to how they are treating the enemy, our population has driven the troops and the government leadership into a pseudo-war that will cost the cautious U.S. dearly in young lives. Through these filters, war can no longer be a complete victory. We have only the U.S. population to blame.

Modern justice

IT'S EASY to blame police for everything. Police could arrest 100 percent of the criminals on the south side. I guarantee you that 100 percent of those same criminals would be back on the streets within a few weeks, unless someone was murdered. Welcome to modern criminal justice. Call the prosecutors. Unless it's in the paper, no one gets upset.

Heavenly ensemble

I AGREE that the Cape Cowboy Church is a treasure. I also attend there. Mr. Matthews, the son and brothers, Harold and his beautiful wife LaDonna, Gina and Jack and especially our God make a heavenly ensemble. It's really a pleasure.

Hiring question

WHY DOES the Cape Girar-deau County Commission have to hire the former county auditor to audit the restitution trust fund in the prosecuting attorney's office? Can't the current county auditor do that job, when it should have been done before by the auditor previously?

The money helps

IF YOU were a widow, you would be very happy to have your husband's Social Security to help you raise your young children. You never know when anything like that's going to happen. Why punish the children?

Wearing life jackets

I WONDER how many people noticed that, in the photo of the conservation agents looking for fish that jump in the boat, the only person who had a life jacket on was the reporter. Officials always tell you that you have to have a life jacket on before you go on a boat. I thought it was kind of strange.

Voting message

"MEDICAID WORKERS told calls to lawmakers must stop." Legislators are tired of getting our phone calls concerning our ineligibility to Missouri Medicaid. So many of us have been dropped, and we have no other resource. If they don't like hearing our voices, legislators will hear our voices come Election Day. I guarantee it.

Use asphalt pros

THE MISSOURI Department of Transportation and asphalt should never mix. Every area that MoDOT has used asphalt on is like going over ocean waves. MoDOT should leave the job to professionals instead of hiring hourly workers who don't know what they are doing.

Hiring firefighters

I KNOW some members of the fire department, and I think they do a great job fighting fires. So why is the city going to match $195,000 federal grant to hire part-time firefighters when they could look at hiring from a list of qualified firefighters. I happen to be one. I am looking for a career, not a part-time job.

Worse to come

REGARDING THE 80-year-old woman who could not get her driver's license without presenting her marriage certificate: We won't see many of this type problem publicized, but odds are there will be many of them. If the proposed federal licensing laws are enacted, the nightmare will just have begun. Logic seems to have no place in our lawmakers' decisions.

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