Speak Out A 06/07/03

Saturday, June 7, 2003

No raise needed

TAKING OVER the city manager's job until a replacement is found does not require a $5,000 pay raise. What is it going to cost Cape Girardeau to get a new city manager when one of his many assistants now makes $78,000 a year? This is a big mistake.

Avoiding commercials

PEOPLE NOT watching TV commercials and the ways to get around them have been caused by TV itself, which has been airing totally ridiculous commercials. I can't imagine any company permitting these to be run, but evidently they pay for it. I won't watch those ridiculous commercials.

Those fussing babies

I AGREE with the person who says young children should not be allowed at events such as graduation ceremonies. My oldest child graduated from Central High School this year. I was appalled by the crying and fussing babies and young children and toddlers who were allowed to run free. The graduates deserve more respect than that. If you can't find a baby sitter, then you should stay home.

Those fussing adults

I NOTICED a lot of people writing in about babies who don't behave at public events. What about adults who behave badly at public events? At my daughter's recent graduation, the man in front us accepted three phone calls on his cell phone and talked very loudly. Babies and children can't help it, but adults should know better.

Spelling is important

ONE OF the ways to help the public school system is to make sure children have spelling through the middle-school grades. I know my child is not ready to go to Jackson Junior High, because his teacher did not think spelling was important and did not have spelling words each week. We need teachers who realize the importance of good spelling to function in our society and especially when they get to college.

Earning your keep

I cannot see anyone in the Cape Girardeau area receiving $84,000 a year to be city manager unless he or she is making major decisions on a daily basis that save money. Most managers are figureheads. If their wages depended on the money they saved their employer, you would see a lot more efficiency and more hands-on supervision. Work smart, not hard. And, yes, the university needs help too. Just because someone has a degree doesn't justify high wages, especially with the quality of work received in return. The standard bar is way too low. Work ethics need to be improved.

Just for children

I THINK that stores would get more business if they would have a children's restroom. As a grandmother shopping with my toddler grandson, I have no problems taking him into the women's restroom. But my husband shopping with his toddler granddaughter certainly cannot take her into the men's restroom. Grandparents or parents of either gender could take children to a children's restroom.

Listen up

I'M CALLING in reference to all the Democratic commercials where Gov. Bob Holden is trying to push his spend, spend, spend budget and trying to get the Republicans where they can't lower the taxes. The cigarette tax was already voted down. Doesn't the will of the people count anymore? Corporations do not pay taxes. Those taxes are passed on to customers. The people have spoken. I think government needs to listen.

Good neighbors

TO THOSE of you in the Green Meadow area of Jackson who walk your dogs: We love dogs too and appreciate the fact that you take the time to walk them. But it would be very kind and proper thing if you would take a baggy and a pooper scooper and clean up after them. Please be a good neighbor.

No peace with Saddam

TO ALL these liberals who still whine about weapons of mass destruction and close their eyes to what has been found and what the Iraqi officials have admitted: Do you think there could be peace in the Middle East with Saddam Hussein still in power?

More administrators

I'VE BEEN watching with amusement the media's fascination and the public's concern over the lack of a study hall at Central High School. I think the media and parents' focus should turn to what's happening in the Cape Girardeau School District overall. The number of administrators at the central office will cost more in salaries next year, and there will be more people working in the central office than this year. Yet the district is cutting teaching positions at the elementary level and at the high school. These teaching positions they're cutting are going to seriously affect the education of our children. I would like the media to focus a little less on study halls and a little more on the deception coming from the central office.

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