Letter to the Editor

Cape's sidewalks: Another miss

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

To the editor:

Is there a need for a sidewalk system in the semi-rural area of Lexington Avenue and Perryville Road? I don't see it. Yesterday I saw three women running -- not on the glorious new footway system, but right in the street where the minimal foot traffic in these areas has always been.

Who made the horrible decision to build the tennis-shoe freeway system? I plan on attending a city council meeting, and I urge all families to do the same and ask why.

Cape Girardeau is a town full of restaurants, banks and hotels, and that's about it. Kids have nothing to do, and families are in the same boat. Kids drive around town and get into trouble with the police. If there were something for them to do, I am sure there would be a huge decrease in headaches for the police department.

As a father of two, I am sickened by the money spent on this useless sidewalk system. I wish the city would do something to encourage the growth of family-oriented entertainment here. It is sad. We are planning on moving, and the major reason is lack of entertainment. We need to be more than a rest stop for people traveling Interstate 55.

MATT SULLIVAN, Cape Girardeau