Letter to the Editor

Aunt Dell cooked from scratch

Sunday, July 17, 2005

To the editor:

In response to Dell Smith death notice: Ward's Cafe was a landmark in Lutesville, Mo. I spent many hours working in the kitchen and behind the small counter after dinner hours while Aunt Dell and Uncle Bufe left early when his station next door closed. Gene, their son, was in the Army at that time, and I was attending Lutesville High School (1946-48).

I was on the basketball team, and on Friday nights after a game I would spend the night with them. On Saturday mornings I had the pleasure of an early morning rise to help Aunt Dell prepare for the day's meals. She made everything from scratch -- bread, pies -- anything served over the counter she made. There was hardly a day went by that she did not have beans, fresh ham, dumplings -- just good old home cooking.

One of the main industries in Bollinger County was production of mining ties, and when those young men come out of the woods, they were ready to eat. And Ward's Cafe was there to serve.

Aunt Dell will be missed not only by her family, but by the citizens of Lutesville. I have many fond memories of that time of my life. My heart goes out to Gene Ward (my cousin) and his family at the loss of their loved one.