Speak Out 7/15/05

Friday, July 15, 2005

Garbage on highway

WHILE DRIVING home from the air show, we were following a garbage truck on the highway, and paper bags, plastic bags, paper dishes and all kinds of trash were flying out along the highway. There have been a lot of stories about the litter in Cape Girardeau, but some of it obviously is being distributed by the garbage haulers.

The Abbott case

I AM one of the high school kids who went to school with Andy Abbott. There's a lot of stuff that did not come out at that time when I was getting ready to be a senior in high school. From what I knew of this kid, if someone stole a car and gave him the keys and told him to drive the car around, Andy would have done it. I feel sorry for his family and for the Smith family seeing this splattered on the front page in the newspaper. If this guy has been in prison for 23 years for something that he didn't do and the evidence was not conclusive, it's a shame.

Church is a treasure

THE CAPE Cowboy Church has been a real treasure to me since its inception 18 months ago. Lately the melodic singing and music by the Mills Family has been absolutely outstanding. Of course, our pastor, Jim, is the wind beneath our wings. He keeps up focused. I just love it.

Parking problem

I RECEIVED a parking ticket at Southeast Missouri State University. I was told I did not have a parking decal on my vehicle, but the decal was located exactly where it was supposed to be. I called the public safety department and was told the officer did not see the decal. I also was told it would be my responsibility to take my vehicle to them. I told them they could come where they gave me the ticket and plainly see that my parking decal was displayed. I was treated rudely. If this is the way SEMO is trying to get extra money, then there's a problem, and SEMO needs to do something about it.

Taking action

YOUR EDITORIAL, "Hanover Street," is one of the best I have ever read. Law-abiding residents, as you suggested, along with churches, agencies and civic groups must be part of the solution to this problem. A representative from each organization should meet with residents and make suggestions. The police should be represented too. When you are organized and effective, illegal influences will move on and attempt to take another area.

Trees block signs

I WISH the city would please cut the trees down around the parking signs across from the federal building on Fountain Street near the apartment building. The trees have been growing for years, and now you cannot see the parking signs.

Fair and balanced

I WANT to thank the Southeast Missourian for printing the Gene Lyons' columns. We need more fair and balanced news media in order to further the democratic process. It is only through such a process that the Carl Roves of this country will be exposed for what they truly are.

Great music

I'D LIKE to say thank you to those who were responsible for bringing the Ace Cannon Band to the VFW Hall on July 9. I would appreciate more of the same, either there or the Arena Building or the Show Me Center. It was wonderful to be blessed with such music, and I'd like to have more.

Rules for growth

I THINK it's probably good Jackson got rid of the mud volleyball. Jackson has grown so much that new rules are needed because there's lots more people. Banning alcohol is a good idea because fights could break out. As Jackson grows it needs rules that are common sense.

Wasting little time

I READ the article about Missourians wasting time at work while I was at work. But I read it real fast.

Time to choose

WHERE ARE all the Muslims who represent the real Islam? Why aren't they outraged at those who kill the innocent and call themselves martyrs? Where are all the leaders of this religion? Making excuses for these actions is almost as bad as terrorism itself. Doesn't freedom for Muslims in Iraq mean anything to Muslims in the rest of the world? Or do they prefer dictators and clergy to run their country and no elections? It's time to choose.

Possible exoneration

I JUST finished reading the two-part article on Andy Abbott's alleged involvement in the Margaret Smith murder. My utmost concern and respect to the Abbott family as this is front-page news again. Glenda baby-sat my preschool daughter in the 1970s. I always appreciated the care and love she gave my girl. If Judge Stephen Limbaugh, then prosecutor, believes the case was built around circumstantial evidence and DNA evidence could possibly exonerate Andy, why hasn't this process started? Do we have a boy who has grown up in our penal system who could possibly have been the wrong person incarcerated all these years? If innocent, could he not have benefited from counseling and treatment of a different kind? Just who has to care enough to get the ball rolling on this one?

False prophecies

IN HIS endorsement of the wonderful book, "1776," George Will takes historicists to task. These are folks who see value in history other than as a narrative and usually claim to see a pattern in it that is pointing in a certain direction. Karl Marx, the father of communism, made such a claim, and we all know what horrors were eventually unleashed as a result. Unfortunately, many neoconservatives also claim that history is moving inevitably toward increasing political and economic freedom and that the U.S. should give the process a little shove. Of course, if history had a predictable pattern and we were moving inevitably toward more freedom, this would be a good thing. However, as the conservative Will reminds us, it doesn't. Historicism can be a very dangerous philosophy if those with political power try to see to it that its false prophecies are fulfilled.

Absurd distinction

IRAQ MAY keep terrorists busy, but not in Iraq. Terrorists are not to be confused with the indigenous insurgency. Many terrorists are drawn to Iraq for training purposes. If they make it, they are sent elsewhere to wreak havoc. Terrorism is a permanent problem that won't go away, even if the Iraqi situation stabilizes. Experts say the number of terrorists or terrorist wannabes is growing exponentially. Fighting them there (wherever that may be) as opposed to here may make one feel better but is an absurd distinction.

Commercial swath

I SEE that Jackson is at it again. Plans are in the works to rezone West Jackson Boulevard, creating a swath of commercial property. Joe Homeowner just can't get a break when the Jackson Board of Aldermen and zoning boards are stacked with developers, real estate-savvy individuals and others who hold their own pocketbooks over the best interests of our city. When will Joe Homeowner get a say in all this?

No incentive

MOST STATE employees are underpaid. Maybe that is why they waste so much time at work. Nobody appreciates what state employees do, so why should we work hard? Some employees do not even get the required breaks unless you smoke. I might take up smoking. Then when I get lung cancer my employer can pay for all of my hospital bills.

Government work

THE EXECUTIVE director of Cape Girardeau Area Magnet wonders what kind of jobs were included in the survey reporting Missouri workers waste so many hours. The surveyed employees probably work for governmental agencies, which unfortunately almost always have more employees than there is work to be done. Years of various employment in various governmental jobs has proven this to me.

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