Letter to the Editor

Mayor Knudtson clarifies comment about personnel

Friday, June 6, 2003

To the editor:

In your May 31 issue, the following statement was made: "The mayor said he and the council were instrumental in sacking fire chief Michael Lackman, Convention and Visitors Bureau director Terri Clark-Bauer and city inspections director Tarryl Booker last year." I never used the word "sacked." This paraphrased quote attributed to me does not reflect the true meaning of my statement. Here are the facts: Their resignations were accepted. The council had some concerns about their performance. Had they not resigned, they might have been asked to resign.

It is important to note that any personnel action such as that referred to in my actual quote would have come from the city manager, not the city council. Secondly, it is important to note the council took no action in any decision to resign made by the three department heads named.

In this time of transition in the city of Cape Girardeau, it is important to be sure that all the facts are accurate. The recent changes create the opportunity for positive and exciting change in the city organization. I want to assure the residents of this community that this city will continue to move forward and pursue the best options in building the future of Cape Girardeau.



Cape Girardeau