Man can't catch homerun baseballs

Sunday, July 10, 2005

NEW YORK -- Rob Marchese bobbled away a home run ball and prayed for another opportunity to catch one. It came an inning later -- and he blew that one, too.

Marchese, a 41-year-old businessman from Queens, was sitting in a folding chair in the first row of the right-field stands at Yankee Stadium during New York's 7-2 win over Cleveland on Thursday night when he stood up and muffed Alex Rodriguez's first-inning two-run homer.

He then fumbled away Jason Giambi's solo shot in the second, which bounced out of right fielder Casey Blake's glove, off Marchese, and back onto the field. Blake then flipped the ball back into the stands, but over Marchese's head.

"The first one, I was zoned in," Marchese said while talking to friends on his cell phone. "I had it locked. But the speed was faster than I thought.

"It hit me right on the wrist," he said, showing his bruise.

On Giambi's homer, Marchese's right pinky finger was cut by Blake's glove as Marchese reached for the ball.

"The next time, I'll bring my glove," he said.

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