Speak Out 7/7/05

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Attractive place

I WAS opposed to making Water Street one way, but I was on the riverfront Saturday when the steamboats were here, and it was so nice. The angle parking and nice clean area makes it a very attractive place to visit both for locals and visitors. Good job.

College competition

THE UNIVERSITY of Missouri is busy trying to be the best school in the Big 12 and compares itself to great schools like Michigan and Virginia. Southeast Missouri State University is busy competing with Three Rivers Community College. That tells the entire story.

Dropout rate

THE REASON the dropout percentage is so high at Central High School is because many teachers and leaders have such arrogant attitudes about what they teach and how they teach. As long as they reach the super-achievers, they think they've done a good job. Their study hall policy is discriminatory, and students are penalized by finals because every teacher does not teach the same thing. If students or parents question anything, they are treated like they are stupid, and nothing ever changes.

Iraqi terrorists

"THIS WAR [in Iraq] is against global terrorists who attacked the United States on Sept.. 11, 2001," sayeth a Speak Out caller. Oh, really? I thought those terrorists who were on the planes on that terrible day were killed, that they had no ties to Iraq and that the terrorists in Iraq today have been drawn there as a result of our occupation.

Out of the mainstream

HOW CAN any logical person think conservatives are out of the mainstream when the conservative Republicans have won the presidency not once, but twice in a row, and in the last two elections they have gained seats in the U.S. Senate and the House. It seems to me that liberalism is out of the mainstream.

Dumbing down

THIS IS what the public schools are up against. A Speak Out caller seemed to suggest that the way to increase Central High School's graduation rate is by further dumbing down the requirements.

Wrong is wrong

JUST BECAUSE there is little chance the recent Supreme Court's eminent domain decision will affect me does not lessen my outrage one iota. Wrong is wrong whether it directly affects me or not.

County roads

I WISH everyone who lives on a gravel county road would stop complaining. They should be happy they still have gravel. We got our road paved several years ago, and it has been a nonstop raceway ever since. And it's as slick as gut during the winter. The county's paving skills could be improved. Be aware that the pavement will be chipping away after a few months. Years ago, residents forked over the money to have portions of the road paved in front of their property. Why not look into that and stop complaining?

Crack down on drugs

I'VE LIVED in Cape Girardeau a long time. I live on the south side. We need to get Drew Juden, director of public safety in Sikeston, Mo., to clean up Cape Girardeau, because it's not happening here. He's doing a good job. I don't know why we don't get a helicopter and arrest 20 to 50 people for methamphetamine and crack. I think it needs to be addressed.

Corporate silence

A SPEAK Out comment about the recent Supreme Court ruling on eminent domain said our legislators are hunkering down and not saying anything. They did the same thing when the CEOs were taking money that belonged to stockholders. I have not heard one politician speak against that either. Politicians don't speak against anybody in the corporate world. They are only too glad to be silent so they can keep their contributions coming.

Plan ahead

OUR BEAUTIFUL lights on the bridge were off for the celebration on the Fourth of July and for another 30 days or so. I sponsored a light on that bridge. If I had known there were going to be this kind of problem, I never would have donated to this. I'm sorry that I did. I wish the city council or somebody could do something. If the Missouri Department of Transportation is going to continue to have problems with transformers, it needs to keep one on hand. I'm really aggravated about the lighting situation.

Blocking the street

NEAR THE entrance to Arena Park there is a sign telling people not to block Broadview Street. More often than not when I want to make a left onto Broadview it's blocked. These motorists are a menace.

Thanks for mowing

I WOULD like to say a great big thank you to Ron, an employee of the county who mowed County Road 301. It sure looks great. Since Scott and the county commissioners put the gravel down, I haven't been able to mow like I have been for the last 20 years. Thanks again. I sure appreciate it.

Wonderful column

WHAT A wonderful column by Hamner Hill just in time for our national holiday. I do not know Hill, but his statement that world opinion of our country does matter was a joy to hear. His reasons for the need of our caring about how the rest of the world feels were masterfully presented. It is good to know that we have such an understanding teacher of philosophy in our midst.

New justice

A NEW Supreme Court justice will be the payoff for those of us who supported George Bush in the elections. This is going to change our country. You just watch who Bush puts on there. It will be someone with a good moral character who knows the difference between right and wrong and wants to continue our way of living here in the United States.

Riverfront vandalism

WE TOOK a walk down by the riverfront in Cape Girardeau the other day and noticed that someone has torn out the new decorative brick and thrown it in the river just in time for the Fourth of July celebration. I wish we had a strong penalty for doing this kind of destruction. Perhaps we need signs posted down there.

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