It's time to get organized

Sunday, July 3, 2005

Where are my keys? Who has the cordless phone? Did we pay the power bill? If you have asked any or all of these questions recently, you're not alone.

One answer to these questions is a home organization center. It may look like just additional cabinetry, but it is actually a multi-functioning stand-up information and organization area.

It is strategically located between the kitchen and the garage, just at the entry to the mud room. The location is perfect to leave important messages on the bulletin board for each other, especially if you're not a five cell phone family yet. Speaking of phones, it is also wired to be the base station for the main-floor cordless.

Next is the triple drawers. They not only look cute, but can be divided into Mom, Dad and kids, for dropping your keys into when you dash home. Another drawer below it can hold pens and paper for phone messages. Below that, the cabinet is for all the phone books we tend to collect.

The triple cubbies above the phone can be for decoration, but can be more useful than that if you sort the family mail.

The height of the granite countertop is higher than the rest of the kitchen cabinets since you will only be standing next to it, and the bulletin board should be high enough for everyone in the family to spot the important messages as they dash out.

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