Letter to the Editor

It takes willpower to quit smoking

Friday, July 1, 2005

To the editor:

The undertaker and the cigarette sellers are the ones who are stuffing their pockets today. I would rather be the undertaker than the cigarette seller whose sign is taped on the door of a tobacco shop in Louisville, Ky., urging smokers to beat the upcoming 30-cent tax increase. That sign certainly is not helping the cigarette smoker, but it sure is keeping the undertaker in business.

It is easy to urge someone to stop smoking, but it is not that easy to quit. It is harder to die, though, when lung cancer or emphysema strike than it is trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Death of those dying from cigarette smoking is indeed increasing today.

I may sound harsh, but I don't mean to. I am sorry for those who try but still have not been able to conquer the smoking habit. I am also sorry for those who continue to urge cigarette smoking. I hope someday they will realize how many lives they are destroying by such actions.

All the words in the book, however, cannot stop the addicted smoker. It takes much willpower and a strong determination.

I have faith in smoker who want to quit and know they can do it. Good luck. You may need some of that too.

PAULA E. KEMPE, Cape Girardeau