Letter to the Editor

The ignored will vote accordingly

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

To the editor:

For recipients making over $686 a month there will be no more crutches, canes or walkers. They can get wheelchairs, but no batteries to power them. Many are losing prescription drug benefits. Hundreds living happily with assisted living are to be forced into nursing homes.

Many of these people are great Americans who once served in the USO, Salvation Army and Red Cross or were nurses. Others kept our factories going during World War II manufacturing clothing, food, planes, tanks and other arms while our soldiers fought overseas. They paid their dues and taxes while working.

Now nothing is left for them. It is survival of the fittest. The hyenas and jackals are at the doors of these disabled Americans. What will we require next? That they sell their blood to pay for medicine?

I drive these wonderful Missourians and listen to their concerns. Be advised, Jefferson City, that the next election is foremost on their minds. I went to Jefferson City with some of them who volunteered to assist the governor's commission in reforming the system and weeding out abuse. They were shoved aside and ignored. Maybe that callous attitude will change come next election.