Out of the past 6/25/05

Saturday, June 25, 2005

25 years ago: June 25, 1980

LUTESVILLE, Mo. -- After serving 15 months as Lutesville's city marshal, Roy R. Yount has resigned because he says he didn't have the support and backing of the town's board of aldermen; Yount, a Democratic candidate for Bollinger County sheriff, says he resigned last week because he wasn't given a raise earlier this year and because the aldermen want only selective enforcement of certain town ordinances.

Conley and Hardy, a Memphis, Tenn., engineering firm, has been contracted to prepare construction plans and specifications for the Southeast Missouri Regional Port Authority's on-river public terminal and industrial park.

50 years ago: June 25, 1955

The intra-party rift within the state Republican organization hasn't dipped down to affect appointments at the local level and isn't expected to play any great part in the selection of a postmaster for Cape Girardeau when the Civil Service Commission finally certifies names for the post in September.

The teacher vacancy situation in the 26-area Southeast Missouri section served by State College is "very bad," with twice as many vacancies this year as at the corresponding time a year ago, says Hattie L. Eicholtz, director of placement.

75 years ago: June 25, 1930

Paving of the eight and a half-mile section of Highway 61 from Ancell to Benton, Mo., will begin the latter part of next week, say officials with the M.J. Davidson Co. of St. Louis, Mo., contractors constructing the road; the highway will be paved at the rate of about a mile each week under ordinary weather conditions and should be completed about Aug. 15.

Fifty-two tonsil and adenoid operations are performed at the children's clinic conducted at the Southeast Missouri Hospital under the auspices of the Cape Girardeau County Health Association; special exams for other ailments are also given in some cases, and several patients are treated for ear and eye troubles.

100 years ago: June 25, 1905

An all-day service is held at Hobbs Chapel, with preaching in the morning and afternoon; dinner is served on the grounds.

The Rev. Olin Boggess of the English Methodist Church was unexpectedly called to Louisville, Ky., yesterday by the serious illness of his mother; the Rev. Dr. Game of Fayette, Mo., who is giving a course of lectures at the Normal School this summer, fills the pulpit in the morning, and Professor B.G. Shackelford of the Normal is in charge of the evening service.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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