Speak Out 6/23/05

Thursday, June 23, 2005

In front seat only

I BELIEVE that you should only have to wear seat belts in the front seat of an automobile. In his column, Walter E. Williams didn't take into account that police officers have to scrape someone off the highway because the occupants of a crashed vehicle didn't have their seat belts on. Police officers are only human and don't need to come up on really gruesome scenes when it can be helped by simply wearing a seat belt in the front seat.

Might save lives

A CALLER was concerned about embryos used in stem-cell research becoming future congressmen, scientists, doctors, lawyers or judges. That is difficult to imagine, since most of the fertilized eggs in question are flushed down laboratory sinks when not used for reproduction. If used in research, they might well result in saving of the lives of future congressmen, scientists, doctors, lawyers or judges.

Better actress

WHEN THE reviewers reviewed "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," they left out one good flick that reminds one of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." and that is "Intolerable Cruelty" with Catherine Zeta Jones. I thought she did a much better job in this sort of role than Angelina Jolie.

Criminal research

A LIFE begins at the fusion of the male sperm with the egg in a woman. How else do you think we got here? To use these eggs to try to produce one embryo for research science is not only morally unacceptable, but criminal.

Park is locked

HERE IT is another beautiful Saturday afternoon and Klaus Park is locked up tighter than a drum. Why did the county spend all that money on paving and new restrooms if the park is going to be locked up a majority of the time.

Patriotic displays

IF YOU want an awesome feeling of patriotism, go see the parade of flags at Cape County Park and Brookside Park in Jackson. They are usually on display on federal holidays.

Time for rationing

WHY DOESN'T the government ration gas? That would stop over-consumption.

Too many pets

NO ONE needs four dogs and eight cats. Cats are worse than dogs, since they are allowed to roam the neighborhood. If you can afford to feed that many animals, you should help feed the hungry children around this world.

Roadside ditches

I HOPE someone can help me understand this. Why is it some people have nice grass beside their streets that they can mow right up to the edge of the blacktop, but here in the county where it is gravel we have to have deep ruts and ditches so deep that the neighbor can bury his dead cow in them? We can't mow along the road to keep it nice. Why do we have to have deep ditches? If the ditches get filled in, the road crews make a new one. Why do you need a ditch on the top of a hill?

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