Speak Out A 06/02/03

Monday, June 2, 2003

Political rhetoric

IT'S THE same rhetoric from both Republicans and Democrats: Take all the credit, give none to the other. Spread hate for each other. Statesmanship be damned. Tax cuts and more tax cuts to get re-elected in 2004. The economy has its ups and downs regardless of party. It will turn around, and Republicans will take credit. Both parties use deception on the American people.

How politicians think

POLITICIANS ARE just that, and that's the way they act. They think of themselves, not for themselves. Their primary thoughts are about how they're going to get re-elected. The people rarely enter into the thoughts of politicians except that they can fool the people and make them think they're doing things for them.

Money-saving idea

I HAVE an idea on how to save money for the city. Let the firefighters and paramedics drive their own vehicles to work out at the Osage Centre and do it on their own time instead of using the fire trucks during their shifts.

Statistical question

TO THE person who said 43 million people are without health insurance because they want to be: Don't think that, because you chose to be without, 43 million other people also chose to be without. No way would people want to go without insurance, unless they don't intend to pay their doctor bills and hospital bills. I don't even think a million of those people chose to go without insurance.

Seniors out early

IT SEEMS to be tradition that the seniors at Central High School get out early as they complete their finals. We don't understand the reason behind this. It's important for students to be in class every single day. Students are only allowed five days of absence each semester -- 10 a year. Now seniors are getting out 10 days early. We've got kids running all over town. If you're saying that daily attendance was so important -- and that's been preached to us the last eight or nine years with this new attendance policy -- then you need to practice what you preach. We're being told the district is in a huge budget crunch. If you take those approximately 300 seniors times 10 days times the state appropriation for attendance, that's a big chunk of money at a time when they're telling us they don't have enough funding.

Tornado of 1949

I REMEMBER vividly the tornado of 1949. My in-laws lost everything, their house, the contents and car. The Red Cross gave them several thousand dollars almost immediately. I don't remember any other help, but they may have received something. They survived in a corner of the basement. My father-in-law helped a blind neighbor from her demolished home.

Reason for high prices

I WONDER if U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson is aware that programs initiated by the pharmaceutical industry are already in effect for Medicare recipients with incomes of less than $24,000 annually for individuals or $38,000 for couples. They can get drugs at greatly reduced prices. The pharmaceutical industry is spending billions of dollars on research and development in an effort to find treatments and cures for life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, AIDS, heart disease and diabetes as well as to improve the quality of life of millions who suffer from migraine headaches, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and allergies. Of course medical care and treatment is expensive. So are housing, transportation, clothing, food and other necessities.

Recognizing excellence

A BIG thank you to Dr. Mike Cowan and the Central High School administration for putting on a wonderful evening of excellence by recognizing both the athletic and the academic achievements of our kids. Shame on the Booster Club this year for dropping the ball on the all-sports banquet and the hall of fame induction.

Helping storm victims

I DON'T remember the tornado in 1949 because I wasn't born yet. But the world has changed. I think assistance should be offered to those who don't have insurance. So far, Missouri's doing a good job.

Speeding on county road

THIS IS for all those people who travel on County Road 620, which is the road past Route W if you don't turn to go to the Humane Society. For all you people who fly along that road way over the speed limit, pass on curves and everything else, you might want to keep in mind that just last week there was a head-on collision because of somebody exceeding the speed limit and not being on his side of the road. One of these days, someone's going to get killed out here. The speed limit is clearly posted. Please, obey the speed limit and stop passing on hills and curves.

Park the plane

GOV. BOB Holden and the legislature are less than 2 percent apart on the budget. That's hardly a reason to call a special session. There's little doubt in my mind that this governor knows that he faces an uphill battle to get re-elected and is using the budget as a reason to campaign. I resent my tax money being used to fly this guy around the state so he can spew his old worn-out, Democratic scare tactics. Holden needs to park his plane and get back to work.

Use fire truck sirens

SINCE OUR fire department has stations at different parts of the city, why couldn't we use those for tornado warnings? How about checking into a strobe light like they use at carnivals to help get attention in case of a tornado? I know the sirens on the fire trucks are different from what the college has, but it might be a start. Police cars could be dispersed to different points in town that would get people's attention. It's just something you might want to look into.

Not a good idea

AS A resident and taxpayer in Cape Girardeau, I am incensed at the effort on the part of the city to transfer its responsibilities for constructing sewers, roads and other utilities for Prestwick Plantation from the city government to the school budget. This is essentially what a TIF does, and it is totally out of bounds as far as our city is concerned.

A month isn't infinity

MY APOLOGIES to Princeton, but six monkeys typing for a month is not the same as an infinite number of monkeys typing indefinitely. In the latter case every possible combination of letters, including the works of the Bard, would be produced. Thus is the nature of infinity.

Passion for education

DR. MIKE Cowan from Central High School recently visited my graduate class at SEMO. His passion for his job was overflowing. People who are having doubts about public education need to spend some time around him. He seems to be the kind of person who will make a difference in our education system. Thank you, Dr. Cowan, for the time you spent with us in class.

Change the curriculum

THE BEST way to save our failing public schools is to teach reading, writing, arithmetic, science and social studies. Forget the character education, sex education, dinosaur bologna, "Why Johnny Has Two Mommies" and all the free time for movies and kids getting out of class to run around the town. This will enable the schools to shorten the school days.

Noisy children

IF YOU don't like babies and children around you at events like commencement, then get there early, stake out a place and tell anyone trying to sit near you that children aren't allowed. Frankly, I think it is good for children to see older siblings graduating. My daughter graduated from Jackson High School last year. We brought her 5-year-old brother. He was excited to see her graduate. If children are being disruptive, quit suffering in silence and say something to the parents or sit somewhere else.

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