Teen Challenge has a good year for berries

Monday, June 2, 2003

Everybody knows that the people at Teen Challenge work hard, not just at overcoming drug problems in a Christian-based treatment program, but also at growing outstanding strawberries.

But despite all of the hard work at the rural Cape Girardeau group home, Teen Challenge had a couple of years of measly strawberry crops. Organizers feared people might turn away from the organization's annual strawberry festival.

Not this year.

The berries were plump and sweet. The vines produced berries by the hundreds of thousands.

People not only have been lining up at the Teen Challenge stand on Independence Street in Cape Girardeau, they packed the recent annual festival on the 263-acre Teen Challenge farm.

But enjoying the wonderfully fresh and ripe fruit isn't the best part about buying a quart or flat of Teen Challenge strawberries. It's knowing that every cent goes back into the ministry of turning lives around.

Now that's a harvest of sweet fruit.

And don't forget that Teen Challenge's blueberry and blackberry seasons are just around the corner.

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