Speak Out 6/14/05

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Flimsy argument

I find it interesting that people choose to demonize Mark Felt. Regardless of his motivations, he put a stop to a plot that permeated the highest offices of this country, a plot that otherwise would have been ignored by Nixon's corrupt appointees. It doesn't matter whether Nixon was a good president or not. It doesn't matter whether the press liked him or not. Crime and corruption are not excused by either argument. The same people who defend Nixon are the ones who applauded spending millions of dollars on investigations and special prosecutors to drive out Bill Clinton, who never committed any crime.

Turning blue

A LOT of conservative syndicated columnists are criticizing the Supreme Court's anti-pot decision. I think this is a strategic political error on the part of these so-called compassionate conservatives. Red-state America might see more red when residents read columns by conservatives attacking the court's anti-pot ruling. The effect could be that these increasingly red faces will turn blue, literally and politically.

University fees

THE RECENTLY announced increase in student general fees will inflict financial pain and hardship on generations of prospective Southeast Missouri State University students and their families. And this from a president and a board of regents which claims to be keeping the cost of getting a college education reasonable? I am told that the administration used focus-group data collected from about 40 students to imply to the regents that Southeast's population of 9,000 students support this increase in student fees. Readers knowledgeable about focus groups will know that such a claim is not correct. What a wonderful opportunity for the Southeast Missourian to do investigative reporting which really matters on the question of exactly what vision and objectives are guiding Southeast's administration and its recent proposals and actions.

No need to rush

I HOPE the city doesn't rush into accepting a boat dock just because it's free. A dock like the one pictured in the newspaper would be an eyesore off our Riverfront Park. And for what? Three or four months a year of boat excursions? It's good to check into the offer, but let's not rush into accepting it, please. My bet is that after research the city will discover that it's not a benefit to have after all.

Planned obsolescence

THE CALLER who bemoaned the fact that General Motors was having to reduce its work force by blaming those of us who buy foreign made automobiles had it all wrong. He should have been blaming the U.S. automakers, who brought this all on themselves by building inferior products with built-in planned obsolescence. For years I felt a tinge of guilt with my first Japanese auto purchase. That was five "rice burners" ago. We are the ones who made the American automakers take notice and improve their products.

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