Speak Out A 05/30/03

Friday, May 30, 2003

We'll pay later on

IF GEORGE Bush thinks he's going to win voters help by reducing the income tax, he's wrong. We all are smart enough to know we may get a lower tax now, but we're going to be paying through the nose later on.

Tax old garage-sale signs

MY HUSBAND asked me to call with a revenue suggestion for Cape Girardeau. Each and every garage sale sign that is still out on Monday morning could be taken to the residence and a fine assessed. Even a small amount, based on the number that are still out after the sales are over, would be a sizable amount of income . Certainly Monday morning is plenty of time. People should have the signs down by then.

Whistling 'Dixie'

THIS IS to the Missouri Legislature. We know you're having to make tough decisions about where to spend the money because there's not as much money as you'd like to spend. But you're making a big decision, and we support you. Do what you think is right. The governor is saying you need to spend more money, but you have to keep the budget balanced. The governor is whistling "Dixie."

Need more revenue

I AGREE wholeheartedly with the Southeast Missourian's editorial regarding the Missouri budget. But don't put the full blame on Gov. Bob Holden. I haven't seen a lot of leadership out of the Republican legislature on the budget issue either. Anyone who thinks Missouri's budget problems can be solved by cuts alone just doesn't get it. We need a revenue increase to help solve this problem whether it's a tax increase or through some other means. Republicans and the Democrats have to work together to solve this serious issue.

Saving democracy

SOMEONE SAID that what the Democratic legislators in Texas did was a mockery of democracy. No, it was a savior of democracy.

More abuse, murder

ANOTHER CASE of abuse and murder in the paper. It breaks my heart to read that this is happening all the time and literally nothing is done. What does a person who does this kind of torture care about a little fine and few years in the penitentiary? And any woman that sits by and watches this done needs to be dealt with also. I pray people will take this more seriously. I don't believe in abortion, but at least these unwanted babies aren't being hurt every day.

Too much budget abuse

GOV. BOB Holden should absolutely veto the social service budget request. There's way too much abuse in social services to ask for a 2.9 percent increase.

Problem with weeds

I'M CALLING from Scott City, and this message is directed to MoDOT. I tried for several weeks to get the highway department to mow the weeds around the Scott City interchange. Whoever did the mowing skipped more than they mowed. Maybe they need to sharpen their mowers. It looks worse now than before they mowed it. I'm ashamed of it for people coming in here, industry or anything else, to see that they can't even take care of the weeds. That's not a very good example.

Do what's right

I JUST heard that Gov. Bob Holden has decided that we'll have a special session for the legislature. He's asking for a tax increase, which he's never going to get. We will not vote for another tax increase. Government officials need to understand that. They're not going to get anymore money from the taxpayers. They need to operate on the money they've got now. At a cost of $100,000 a week, this special session is just insane. So forget it, Gov. Holden. Do what's right as a governor.

Courteous shopping

IT'S JUST common courtesy, when shopping, that you don't block the aisle with your cart so others can't pass. Now have a nice day.

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