Letter to the Editor

War in Iraq isn't over, and deficits are at record high

Friday, May 30, 2003

To the editor:

Those of us who have opposed the Iraq invasion since last October have been saying it would result in disaster. Now it is increasingly clear that the Iraqis are not embracing their so-called liberators and that we are in a real mess. The war is not over. It's just begun.

More than this, many experts believe al-Qaida and new terrorist groups have been greatly strengthened. Does anybody feel safer than they did three months ago? How about our troops? Apparently more are being deployed as I write this. Hey, you fiscal conservatives, what about the financial costs?

None of the reasons given for the invasion were adequate. Even Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld is backpedaling on weapons of mass destruction. Links to al-Qaida were either non-existent or hardly worth the risk of what is occurring. The Bush administration either lied or is incompetent. In spite of this, it has the audacity to take on Iran while pushing Israeli Prime Minister Sharon beyond the breaking point. I'm remembering a long letter we sent to U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson in February, and I'm recalling also her naive response justifying the Iraq invasion. It rings increasingly hollow every day.

Wake up, TV watchers, the Middle East is on the verge of coming unglued, the deficits are approaching record highs and your tax dollars are going -- by the billions and years into the future -- to pay for killing your children.


Cape Girardeau