Damaged homes studied by city, county officials

Friday, May 30, 2003

Cape Girardeau County Presiding Commissioner Gerald Jones said the county is working with the city of Jackson to determine which homes were left unoccupied as a result of the May 6 tornado.

The commission recently passed a state occupancy law for the county which means those residents whose homes were destroyed by the twister will not have to pay any tax on the property -- whether it be for the schools, city or the county.

"We forgive all of it," Jones said. "The whole nine yards, if they're not occupying the building."

The law applies to residences only, not businesses or vehicles, Jones said.

Jones said the county is still far from determining how much revenue this may cost the different taxing entities that collect property tax, but he said there is a provision in the state statute that would allow the school district to recoup revenue lost by assessing unaffected homeowners more.

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