Jackson officials won't decrease speed limit on busy Highway 25

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Jackson government officials say a slower speed limit on Highway 25 coming into the city from the south would be more of a hindrance than a help.

The board of aldermen discussed the issue at Tuesday night's study session after a resident approached alderman Larry Cunningham about concerns that traffic moved too quickly in that area.

The stretch of highway runs past a school and several homes. The speed limit is 45 from East Jackson Boulevard to South Elementary. South of the school, the limit changes to 55 miles per hour.

"They're crazy," said Lillie Schilling of the motorists who drive past her house, which is located just off Highway 25. "I've lived here 19 years and I think the traffic has doubled since I've been here."

Studied speeds

Upon Cunningham's suggestion, the police department studied the speeds along the 1.7 miles of the highway that lies within the city limits.

After a week of surveying, the police department concluded the average speed in the 55-mile-per hour zone was 59 mph. In the 45 mph zone, the average speed was 48.

Based on those conclusions, Sgt. Christopher Mouser recommended the city lower both speed limits 10 miles per hour.

The board did not agree with the recommendation.

"I think we should just leave it the way it is," said alderman Kerry Hoffman. "We have a couple of school caution lights near the school and generally the visibility is pretty open and clear."

Alderman David Reiminger said he thought 35 miles per hour is too slow for a state highway.

"I think all it would create is a tremendous amount of speeding tickets," he said. "It would create more of a hindrance than anything else."



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