what is hepatitis

Wednesday, May 28, 2003


  • Hepatitis is a virus that attacks the liver. It can be transmitted in a variety of ways and has several forms.

    Hepatitis A is caused by the hepatitis A virus and can affect anyone . It is transmitted through fecal-oral contamination, often in food or drinking water.

    Hepatitis B also is caused by a virus and can be very serious. It can cause lifelong infection, cirrhosis or scarring of the liver and liver cancer.

    Hepatitis C is also caused by a virus but is only contracted through blood from another infected person. It often goes unnoticed because early symptoms are mild.

    Hepatitis D is a defective disease that is only present in people who already have Hepatitis B.

    Hepatitis E is a virus transmitted in the same way as Hepatitis A but is not found in the United States.On the Net

  • Centers for Disease Control: www.cdc.gov/ncidod/diseases/ hepatitis

    Hepatitis Foundation: www.hepfi.org

    Hepatitis Information Network: www.hepnet.com

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