FanSpeak 6/12/05

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Big fan

MARK UNTERREINER is following in the honorable tradition of his brother, David, by writing top-notch sports stories for the Southeast Missourian.

Erroneous information

I JUST read in your paper that a high school student was awarded an athletic scholarship to a Division III school. This cannot be true. Division III schools cannot even offer athletic scholarships. Do you all verify what you print or do you just print whatever anyone wants to send in? Why would you all report this student received something not even offered by that school? I'm confused. Should we believe what you print or not? I'm not sure now. If I'm wrong, please let me know.

(The information that appeared in another section of the newspaper on June 7 was not correct. Division III schools do not offer athletic scholarships. You can believe this: The Southeast Missourian regrets the error.)

Athletic family

HOW MANY Crafts are there? The first one, Lance, was simply great. Mitch was next, and he just amazed at Central. There was nothing he couldn't do. Now every time I open the paper, the little one, Ty, is all over the place. My wife and I enjoyed watching them all grow up and play ball. Good luck in the future, boys. But I want to know if there are anymore?

(Ty is the last of the Crafts, but the good news for Central fans is that he has one more year of high school eligibility.)

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