Art student turns roadkill into art

Sunday, June 12, 2005

LONDON -- Ebony Andrews is making a killing -- turning roadkill into art.

Andrews, 22, said her artwork is a commentary on how we humans view animals as commodities. She turned a beheaded owl into a desk organizer, and put the insides of a dead squirrel into a remote control for a DVD player.

"They are animals people can identify and have a relationship with," she said. "It is showing how animals are used by people as commodities in the postmodern world."

Andrews, a fine art student at Newcastle's Northumbria University, combined the taxidermy skills she learned in a course with her artist's eye.

She said she's ready for criticism of her roadkill art show at the university, but notes that most people are taking the time to think about what she's trying to say.

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