Speak Out 6/9/05

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Not too proud

I WAS sitting with a group of women, and one of them asked who voted for Gov. Matt Blunt. We almost all raised our hands, but it was nothing we were too proud of. Blunt shot himself in the foot. One thing people hate is hypocritical politicians, plain and simple.

Memorable history

AS IF we needed any more proof of how out of touch with reality liberals have become, read Monday's Speak Out. A writer urges everyone to discover Mark Felt's motivation to become Deep Throat by watching "All The President's Men." This movie is a fictional account of Watergate, not a documentary. These people cannot tell the difference between history and Hollywood. If you were around and paying attention during that era, as I was, you should remember Richard Nixon as an effective and incredibly popular president who accomplished many good things. Just a few of these were ending the Vietnam War, opening trade with China and the creation of OSHA. He was brought down by a biased media in retaliation for something that happened decades before. After he exposed their favorite liberal, Alger Hiss, as a Communist spy, they were waiting for him to make a mistake to capitalize upon. Without the alternate media we have today to hold them in check, the biased media were successful in destroying an obviously flawed but brilliant man.

A powerful tool

A RECENT comment recommended an amendment whereby we could fire politicians who don't make good on their campaign promises. We already have something that allows us to do that. It's called voting. Vote them out of office next time around.

Personal freedoms

I'M BEGINNING to buy into this whole police-state thing. I now realize our purpose in life is to serve the state, and we are obligated to do everything we can to make it easier for police to control everything we say and do. Mandatory bicycle helmets, mandatory seat-belt usage, lights on when your wipers are on, cameras at intersections and cell phone bans are a few examples. These things will give police even more control over our lives. I wonder how much it will cost to change the line in the national anthem from "land of the free" to "land of the sheep"?

Cell-phone safety

I AM all for limiting cell -phone use for teens while driving. This is so important. They are distracted normally. Add a cell phone, and you have trouble. We need to look at everyone's use of cell phones, including our own police department. Every time I see a Cape Girardeau, Jackson or Scott City police officer, most of the time the officer is holding on to a cell phone. That's scary.

Cell-phone study

REGARDING YOUR editorial call for someone to investigate the use of cell phones in cars: It has already been done. A university in Utah has determined that using a cell phone in a car is more distracting than anything else you mentioned and more. One surprising fact to emerge from the study: It doesn't seem to matter whether the phone is hand held or not. It's the emotional involvement in the call, not the physicality of the situation, that is distracting.

It's a holy book

"WHO CARES if we rip up a few copies of the Quran?" asked a Speak Out comment. Who cares if we rip up a few pages of the Bible? The Quran is their book and must be respected. Not all Muslims want to kill people. What about the people who aren't terrorists and believe in their holy book?

Best speech ever

MY SON graduated from Central High School a few weeks ago, and our extended family and many friends attended. The big topic of discussion at our party afterward was the fantastic speech given by Mr. Springer, parts of which were referred to in a Southeast Missourian article. The consensus of our group was that Mr. Springer gave the best commencement address we'd ever heard. He spoke to the students who, after all are supposed to be the group being addressed, as a beloved educator who understands them, loves them and challenges them. He meets them at their own level and invites them to move beyond where they are. My son has told me the only advice that he would give Central students is to take as many Springer classes as possible. After hearing him speak at graduation, I can certainly understand why.

Sidewalks are safer

THOSE WHO are so upset over the building of sidewalks should stop thinking about themselves. If the sidewalks mean people can be safe when they take a walk, my money has been well spent. Enjoy the sidewalks, Cape Girardeau, and be safe.

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