Speak Out 6/8/05

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Slanted opinion

ONE CAN accurately conclude that when Cal Thomas, David Limbaugh, Kathleen Parker and Michael Reagan are the Sunday-morning syndicated columnists whose scribblings appear in the Southeast Missourian, it is safe to conclude that the balance of syndicated-columnist opinion is slanted toward the psycho right.

What about the Dutch?

IF WE talk about slavery, we immediately envision the Confederate flag. What about the Dutch national flag? You never see protests at their embassy. However, I must assume all of us know there would not have been any slaves in the South, the Caribbean nor South America if it wasn't for the Dutch rounding up slaves in Africa, transporting them and selling them off.

Reasons for sidewalks

REGARDING THE complaints about the new sidewalks: Some people can't afford or for other reasons can't drive a car. This means they have to walk to get around. If more people would try this, maybe the gasoline prices would go down.

Admitting failure

IN A recent episode of "The Simpsons" the town of Springfield built a performing arts center because neighboring Shelbyville denigrated Springfield as a cultural wasteland. No one attended classical music concerts, so the performing arts center screened XXX movies in the daytime to make ends meet and finally closed with a concert by washed-up comic David Brenner. Montgomery Burns bought the center and turned it into a for-profit prison. At least mythical Springfield and Mayor Quimby acknowledge their mistakes and cut their losses. None of those responsible will ever admit it when the River Campus fails.

Money for research

YOUNG PEOPLE are much more influenced by their peers to take up smoking than their parents. As far as using cigarette-tax money for health research, who on Earth would oppose that? Cigarettes contain no stem cells.

Majority voters

I WOULDN'T be so certain that a national referendum cracking down on illegal immigrants would pass, since it now seems as if illegals who are some way able to vote are in the majority.

It's a right

THE CALLER was correct. Abortion is not a privilege. It's a constitutional right.

Waiting for checks

I WOULD like to know why in some sections of Cape that we cannot get our Social Security checks on the day we're supposed to get them. It plainly states on the envelope when those checks are to be delivered. Since I've lived in this neighborhood, I haven't got my Social Security check on time twice, thanks to the Postal Service. If I get it Saturday, there's no way to get to the bank and cash it by time the carrier gets here. If the Postal Service doesn't have enough workers, it ought to hire some more. We need our checks on the day they're due.

Environmental efforts

PERHAPS YOUNG people in the area could form an environmental conservation league to focus public awareness on energy conservation, pollution elimination, wilderness and wildlife conservation and related issues. Time and effort could be allocated to different regions from state to national to international. The Internet would be a great tool to communicate and coordinate functions.

Not above the law

I AM glad I lived long enough to hear who Deep Throat is, Mark Felts, and I thank him for coming forward. I think it's important that this be put behind us. I'm glad no president is above the law. I recall my parents watching with great interest -- we were on a family vacation -- what was happening with Watergate. At no time did I hear them voice dismay, because I think they felt that no president was above the law and that this is an important message for every president to follow.

Blocked calls

WE SIGNED up for the no-call list a few months ago. It worked for a while. Two weeks ago, though, we had one in five calls that were unknown name, unknown caller or blocked call. If we answered these calls, only one out of 10 had someone on the line. Last week we had four out of five calls that were blocked and so forth. Even two doctors' were using unknown names and blocked calls. This is getting to be ridiculous.

No walkers, just a mess

IT'S SATURDAY morning, and I'm driving down Lexington Avenue and looking at the sidewalk the city has just built. There's not one walker on it. I have not seen a walker, runner or even a bicycle since it was finished. I hope the city is not paying the contractor until it comes back and cleans the sidewalk off. All these yards were really messed up.

Rest areas need repairs

I'D LIKE to report the rest areas near the Oak Ridge exit have many things out of order. Tourists would like to know when the Missouri Department of Transportation is going to fix up the rest areas.

Not about abortion

IN REGARD to stem-cell research, I heard the president make an interesting statement that sometimes science crosses over too close to interfering with God. I wonder how he feels about heart and liver transplants. Stem-cell research uses discarded umbilical cords. It appears Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois have the idea that it's all about abortion. It's not.

Drinking problem

I READ where someone was complaining about people smoking around their children. I agree children need to be protected, but not just from smoking. What about drinking? What about my 8-year-old nephew who was killed by a drunk driver? He needed to be protected too. People don't realize alcohol kills more innocent victims than cigarette smoking.

Sign in tall weeds

IT'S SUNDAY evening. I'm on my way to church. I'm stopped at the intersection of Route W and Kenneth Street in Cape Girardeau. Would somebody from the city please explain why weeds are allowed to grow up right at the stop sign? The weeds here are at least 6 feet tall, almost taller than the stop sign. I'm sure there's a good reason.

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