Kidman smoking draws attention at Cannes

SYDNEY, Australia -- Nicole Kidman's televised cigarette puffing at the Cannes Film Festival has anti-smokers here fuming.

Critics said the sight of the Oscar-winning Australian thespian lighting up in front of the world's media this week while promoting her new film, "Dogville," was free advertising for the tobacco industry.

At a media briefing, Kidman scammed a cigarette off her co-star, Stellan Skarsgard, only to be admonished by director Lars von Trier in front of the world's press. "Oh, Nicole, don't do that -- you promised," von Trier said. Kidman coolly kept puffing.

The images made major Australian news bulletins and were reported in Wednesday's newspapers.

Jacko goes to mall, handles lawsuit

INDIANAPOLIS -- Michael Jackson, whose attorneys asked a judge to help the pop star keep a low profile while he was in town giving a deposition for a lawsuit, caused a stir when he went shopping at a downtown mall.

Jackson signed autographs Tuesday night at Indianapolis' Circle Centre Mall. He arrived earlier for a lawsuit alleging that the Jackson Five used the name of another Gary band and two of their songs.

-- From wire reports