Speak Out B 05/17/03

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Give them tax breaks

I GUESS I must be one of the very few people in the area who is a low-income worker who actually took a college class in economics. I want those rich folks to get a tax cut, because unless they bury their money in their back yard, it is going to help the economy. Who do you think tends that rich guy's yard, builds the yachts he will buy and sells him expensive stereo equipment? Tax breaks for rich people help a lot of working people, not just the rich.

Made in the U.S.A.

TO THE person who said we should only buy clothing made in America: I agree in principle with that suggestion. But I want to know who sells American-made clothing and shoes. I cannot find them.

Senator is lying

U.S. SEN. Bob Graham has recently stated that it is the president's fault for letting terrorists kill Americans in Saudi Arabia. We all know that this is a story of a few Arab murderers killing people in the middle of an Arab country. We know and Graham knows that it is the fault of the murderers and not our president. Graham is saying things he knows are not true. Therefore, Graham is lying.

Religious extremists

IN A way, Americans and Iraqis have something in common. We're both trying to prevent religious extremists from controlling our government, schools and scientific research.

American way

"I HAVE no space left for trenchant commentary," complained columnist David Limbaugh at the end of a recent column. I don't consider that the fault of the Southeast Missourian, which afforded Limbaugh plenty of space to write a clearly defined piece. If Limbaugh chooses to forgo it, he must accept personal responsibility for his actions. That is the American way.

It's looking good

I JUST want to comment on how great the Marquette Hotel looks now since they've started cleaning. It looks like a new building. Cape Girardeau should really be proud that this historical landmark has been saved.

Bosses get raises

HAVING BEEN an employee of the street department in Cape Girardeau for 27 years, I was upset that we didn't get a raise. But I'm glad I have a job. But I have three bosses who get big raises every year. Why do I have to have three bosses? I think the city needs to downsize these bosses. I can't even afford health care for my family anymore. It's going up again. It's the police officers and firefighters who really need a raise.

Catching the crooks

I WANT to comment about the way the stock market is rising and the economy is going up. It seems like on some of these major TV networks don't want to report it, and those that do are surprised. I'm not surprised because I knew why it went down. It was the phony bookkeeping. Most people who sold their stock knew it was phony bookkeeping, but the government wouldn't prosecute them. Attorney General John Ashcroft is showing them if they turn in phony books, they're going to go to jail.

Weeds on Route W

THE WEEDS along Route W are about 3 feet tall. If they get any taller, you won't be able to see around the corners, and it's going to cause an accident. Get somebody out here to mow this.

Too much exposure

SOME OF those prom outfits were outrageous. I'm a nice guy, but I don't know if any normal teenage boy could control himself if he were exposed to some of the girls in those dresses. I thought clothing was meant to cover the body, not expose it. Did these girls' parents actually see their children before they walked out of the house? I'd like to see a teen pregnancy chart for December and January. I bet it would be very interesting.

No turn lane

THE PROBLEM with the intersection of Caruthers and Broadway is that when you are going east on Broadway and someone wants to go left onto Caruthers, the left lane comes to a stop. This is because the engineers who designed this intersection didn't have the foresight to realize a turn lane would make the flow much better. I'm surprised there is even a light there at all.

Make the most of it

I AM responding to the grandmother who didn't like the art displayed in Scott City. Scott City is in need of culture and diversity. I agree a tree is beautiful, but your grandson has seen plenty of them. Has he ever seen a sculpture? I realize that small towns do not take well to change. That is why Scott City hasn't changed in years. Educate your grandson. Don't hide from knowledge.

Make play day for all

I WORKED at my kids' play day at Scott City. Play day is no longer just for the kids to play. The games cost 50 cents to $1 plus food. Many kids were asking for more tickets or money. Not every parent had the money for their kids to play all day. Some kids didn't get to join at all. The PTO should have different fund raisers. Play day should be so that all kids can share. It's a shame for the ones who didn't get to.

Shouldering the burden

I DON'T think there is anyone in Missouri who relies on corporate wealth tax dodge loopholes opposing the service of Senate President Pro Tem Peter Kinder. It's us bottom feeders who object to his fishing-with-dynamite technique. Kinder needs to quit bragging about his efforts to balance a budget on the shoulders of the poor.

But there's no money

I'M AMAZED at the number of people who want Cape Girardeau to install warning sirens. How do you expect to purchase the sirens? Every tax increase proposal gets shot down by voters. I would love to find out the number of people who want the sirens but continue to vote no to tax increases. There are reasons we need to raise our taxes.

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