FanSpeak 5/18/03

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Bad women's movement

THOSE LIBERATED feminists who want to compete with men, let's see them in professional football. Let's see them in Major League Baseball. Let's see them on the front lines at war. They are a disgrace to all women with their liberated actions. They want to break up men's activities. It's all a part of this liberal ideology that anything goes, the sky's the limit, and if it feels good, do it. Anything to break up America's traditions and values. That's their feminist, liberal ideological goal and communist style.

PGA should be open to all

THE TOUR is called the PGA, not the Men's PGA. If Sorenstam can make the cut at the Colonial and compete with males, she deserves the larger purses, additional attention and increased endorsement opportunities that male athletes receive. Also, let's not forget that the sponsor invited her to compete. She didn't approach Colonial officials.

Time to lose Drew

I JUST don't understand why the Cardinals hang on to J.D. Drew? The guy is worthless. When the Cardinals make a trade they always seem to over look Drew. I'm sure he has a lot of potential, but the Cards can't use that potential if he's on the DL all the time. I think he should be traded while his stock somewhat has value for a good reliever, or better yet maybe for a good general manager.

Photographic evidence

MY HUSBAND and I are big followers of Southeast Indians baseball. We were shocked to open the Sports pages May 10 and see a wonderful article about 10 seniors. What's shocking is that on the front page you have nice color pictures of four of the seniors. But two seniors who've been here for four years are Denver Stuckey and Zach Borowiak. And where are they buried? Page 4 with little black-and-white pictures. You owe Denver and Zach front-page coverage. They've been sparks on this team, they're both being looked at by the pros and you bury them on Page 4. You dropped the ball on this one.

The story spotlighted all 10 seniors equally. Since we lacked space to publish large photos of all 10, we chose photos of four seniors who have been least published. Both Denver and Zach have been subjects of front-page stories and photos in past issues.

Speaking of photos ...

IT'S KIND of humorous that Jackson won the soccer tournament, yet Notre Dame comes in third and they get two pictures in the Sports section.

And more about photos ...

COULD SOMEBODY tell me why you would have Notre Dame's picture on there for high school soccer when the Jackson Indians won the championship? Why not have a picture of the Jackson Indians instead of Notre Dame? That doesn't make sense.

We featured two photos from a Jackson soccer game Saturday. To add variety to our coverage, we photographed a Notre Dame game on the final day of the tournament and featured two photos in Sunday's edition. Going into Saturday's games, both Notre Dame and Jackson were in contention for the tournament championship.

Women on the rise

IN REGARDS to whether the woman golfer can beat the heck out of the men golfers, let me tell you, their egos would really come down a notch. Why do they think that a woman can't do just as well as them? There's one thing those men can't do: They can't give birth, so we overpower them on that. It reminds me of one time I was playing golf and two egotistical men said "go ahead and hit, you can't come near us." I set it down right at their feet. You know, that's what's wrong. They think we should stay down underneath their knees. Well, too bad.

Starters also a problem

THIS PERTAINS to a sports comment about the Cardinals and their pitching. They keep talking about relief pitching. I think they need starters. They haven't been to the World Series for 20 years, so they must be doing something wrong.

That's one way to hire

THERE HAVE been several comments regarding coaches at Chaffee High School. The most recent comment was in the sports section the other day about the basketball coach leaving to go to Woodland. Now the football coach is leaving, too. From what my kids have told me, he's a great principal and is well respected. It's clear that sports are the most important thing in Chaffee, and he's stepping aside to let in the outside coaching talent. Since sports are the most important issue to this school board, maybe the next time a seat needs to be filled we should just put a barbell in the middle of the gym floor, and the candidate who can lift it the highest will be the new board member. It would save money and time and get right to the matter of most importance.

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