Speak Out A 05/17/03

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Biblical familiarity

AFTER ALL of these terrible storms with so much hail, many people are saying they never saw hail so large and so much of it. It seems God's fury was being poured out everywhere. It made me think of Revelation 16:21: "And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent, and men blasphemed God because of the plague, for the plague thereof was exceeding great." A talent is around 60 pounds of stone. This will happen during the tribulation period for those who are lost.

Poor public relations

I DON'T blame the mail carriers, but I can see why the U.S. Postal Service is in trouble. The management is arrogant and obnoxious and doesn't have any idea how to deal with the public. Where do they get these so-called efficiency experts? Whatever happened to service and friendliness and working with the public?

Don't bring back SARS

I HOPE the Southeast Missouri State University students who decided to go to China in spite of the SARS epidemic don't expect to come back here and be treated by our doctors and nurses in our hospitals.

It's always Mother's Day

I THINK every day should be Mother's Day. What a great gesture that would be for moms who have worked, cleaned, cooked, doctored and worried every minute about their precious ones. They mostly are taken for granted. When they're gone and we get older, most of us wish we had told them many more times how we appreciated and cared for them. God bless all the caring moms, and thank you.

Thanks for the rolls

THIS IS a thank you to St. Louis Bread Co. employees who came around and gave people in Jackson boxes of rolls while the workers were trying to clear lots out and trying to still gather the belongings of the people that lost their homes. It was greatly appreciated I know by the families up and down that road. Thank you.

Not very progressive

MISSOURI IS in dire need of a Republican governor. Stalling and vetoing the legislature's hard work is the Democrats' way of tending to the state business. Those tactics are not progressive for the residents of the state.

Thanks to volunteers

I'M CALLING in regard to the tornado cleanup in Jackson. I'd like to give a huge thank you to all of the people who volunteered. To those who didn't volunteer, I hope the day never comes when you need help. You've found it more interesting to drive around and get in the way than to pull over and pick up a limb.

Not everyone is happy

I JUST read your editorial with regard to the official start of the River Campus. I certainly agree that the university and city officials, as well as state and federal career politicians, will have a great sense of satisfaction when the ceremonial digging starts. But please be aware that for everyone who attends, there will be hundreds of very unhappy taxpayers listening to their tax dollars being sucked away.

Art in Scott City

I USED to live in Scott City behind the hardware store. I think it is great what Paul Schock is doing. Cape Girardeau has many murals, and I think they are great. It's so nice to go to a city and see something other than graffiti on walls. When I lived in Scott City, I barely knew who my neighbors were. The art will bring folks out of their houses, and they will get to know each other a little better.

Reason for distrust

TO MAYOR Jay Knudtson: Past city officials "mistakenly" told voters that both a bond issue and motel and restaurant tax measure had to pass in 1998 for the city to help fund the River Campus. Most people I know call it lying to the voters. Then you still wonder why the residents don't trust city hall?

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